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a cell in which soldiers who are prisoners are confined

a room used by soldiers on guard

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On his arrival, Gaudie refused all military orders and was part of a group of 15 other objectors who were forcibly stripped, dressed in khaki uniform and locked up in the guardroom cells.
He made his way back up country to Bailleul and one night when passing through that town an Assistant Provost-Marshal of police called upon him to assist two of his men to take an obstinate soldier to the guardroom.
A message came from the War Office, to stand by stretchers, and while waiting in readiness - in spite of the fact that some of us who are Kitchener's men (as opposed to the St John's men) knew not the slightest thing about stretchers - we heard a succession of loud reports, and on rushing out of the guardroom could distinctly see the Zeppelin sailing rapidly above what might have been the 'City'.
Another change he made was to eliminate the guardroom with peepholes in each wall into each dormitory and the padlocked wire gates at the top of the stairways.
Three PAF technicians were killed in the attack, a PAF spokesperson said, adding that the airmen were deployed at the guardroom when the attack occurred.
According to Spokesman of Pakistan Air Forces, said that Junior Technicians Shan Ali, Saqib Javed and Tariq Abbas were on duty in guardroom inside Badhber Airbase when the terrorists tried to enter the base.
The second attack in the district came when a rocket was fired at the guardroom in front of a police lodge in Tatvan's KE-ltE-r neighborhood, close to the Tatvan-Van highway.
The ground floor consists of 2 reception halls, waiting area, a hall accommodating 250 persons, hospitality room, guardroom, electricity, water pumps and parking lot.
The 227,000 sq m social centre at Busaiteen will consist of 2 reception halls, a waiting area, a hall accommodating 250 persons, hospitality room, guardroom, electricity, water pumps and parking lot on the ground floor.
The men who searched them at the hotel's guardroom, which is about 50 yards from the glass-encased lobby, failed to uncover the six small pistols that the assailants had hidden in their socks and shoes, he said.
He was weeping at the gate when the security guards tried to verify his antecedents over telecom from the colony's security guardroom.
The trooper of the Indian Army's 13 Rashtriya Rifles identified as Ranveer Singh entered the guardroom and opened indiscriminate fire, killing five troopers, at 3 Sector Baram-Pater Manasbal camp in the district.
And apparently, in the days before litter boxes, a transom window near ground level in the guardroom was left ajar so that the cat could come and go from Philosopher's Walk.
Soon after, dozens of young men set fire to a guardroom of the Palestinian National Security Forces in the Industrial School near the camp, and a guardroom of the Palestinian police near Balata refugee camp.
With its smoked-out glass weighing room door and window it is about as welcoming as the guardroom at Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie.