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Synonyms for guaranty

something given to guarantee the repayment of a loan or the fulfillment of an obligation

an assumption of responsibility, as one given by a manufacturer, for the quality, worth, or durability of a product

a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

to assume responsibility for the quality, worth, or durability of

Synonyms for guaranty

a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults


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The remainder of the purchase price is payable, at Assured Guarantys election, in cash, its common shares, a one-year promissory note, or in a combination of the foregoing.
Additionally, Assured Guaranty will contribute USD 60m in working capital to BlueMountain at closing and intends to provide an additional USD 30m of working capital within a year of closing.
The conversion includes nine former Guaranty Bank division branch locations.
Most states use guaranty associations, or mandatory groups for insurers, to protect consumers against the effects of insurer failures.
The park will be open to RV enthusiasts, customers who are having their RVs serviced at Guaranty and RV rally groups.
Interestingly, the real estate world refers to a limited personal guaranty as a good guy guaranty, while the more genteel financial markets refers to the correlative document as a "bad boy guaranty", perhaps reflecting the more tough, street wise nature of the real estate industry.
In many cases, the guaranty simply secures the repayment of debt.
The rules are complicated, but, in theory, the guaranty associations could be covering some enrollees for up to six months, and they could have to provide up to $500,000 in benefits protection for some enrollees.
The sales team, on the one hand, may advocate the least burdensome personal guaranty language (if the guaranty must be taken at all), such as the two-sentence pledge, so as not to scare off the guarantor with a multi-page guaranty and therefore risk losing the sale.
So far in 2013, the total distributions received or proposed to guaranty associations are more than $66.5 million.
Prior to this direct connect upgrade, United Guaranty had a basic MOR vision plug-in.
This has been the policy of the guaranty associations since 1993, when NOLHGA and the guaranty associations stated it publicly to an NAIC group then reviewing the use of RAAs.
Insurers who opt to be regulated under a proposed federal Office of National Insurance would be asked to pay assessments both to existing state guaranty funds and to a new federal guaranty backstop under legislation before the U.S.
Perhaps nothing better reflects public policy's virtues and inherent challenges than the state property and casualty guaranty fund system.
STUDENT LOAN GUARANTY agencies did something relatively unusual when Congress was putting together the Higher Education Reconciliation Act (HERA), legislation that included wide-reaching student aid changes to create $12 billion in budget savings.