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the basic unit of money in Paraguay

a member of the South American people living in Paraguay and Bolivia

the language spoken by the Guarani of Paraguay and Bolivia

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Medicinal plants are generally used by the Guarani in the fresh state preferably on the day they are collected.
Most of the plants used for magic by the Guarani have names associated with animals and they are usually aromatic plants.
The Guarani have noted that some of these small plants are more abundant on the north-facing side of the host tree (Fig.
The Guarani identify, where this type of soil occurs in the forest by the presence of tree ferns (Fig.
In addition to his scientific work, Bertoni also served as schoolteacher to his children and also local campesino and Guarani children, one of whom he adopted.
In a 1931 edition of the magazine Agropecuaria, a contributor wrote: "Bertoni has seen the foundations of our civilization in the forgotten and beautiful Guarani race.
The object of this study is to reexamine the economic organization of the Guarani missions.
Agricultural production to satisfy internal consumption requirements comprised the principal economic activity in the thirty-two Guarani missions.
The individual Guarani retained use of this land for a six-month term running from June to December.
After consideration of possible alternatives, it was decided to retain the label 'Tupiguarani' (but to be written as a single word) for this widely disseminated late ceramic tradition, in spite of its linguistic connotations; the term is well established in the literature, and ethnohistoric information substantiates the correlation of the protohistoric and early historic archaeological remains with speakers of Tupi and Guarani languages along most of the Brazilian Coast.
Finally, without linking the suggestions, (D'Orbigny (1944:37 concluded/only the Guarani,(6) if we consider that their origin is the Tropic of Capricorn, migrated from the south to the north'.
Metraux (1928: 310-11), for the Guarani and Tupinamba, merged the models of radial expansion and of south-north expansion along the Atlantic coast.
Since [longtime dictator Alfredo] Stroessner fell in 1989, there's been a boom in Guarani literature," says Mario Bogado, who operates a Guarani website and a bookstore in Asuncion.
Yet, the Guarani literature "boom" began even before Stroessner's departure--with a wager among college students, an exile's insight in a Buenos Aires bar, and an immigrant's passion for the culture of her adopted nation.
Unlike other Latin American nations such as Bolivia and Peru, where indigenous tongues are spoken overwhelmingly by indigenous peoples, in Paraguay Guarani is spoken by people of many descents and origins.