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in a dingy manner

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Tech package is grungily gorgeous, with "Wild Bees" lenser Divis Marek expanding his palette to a widescreen frame that remains fluid and intimate.
And there's Hemphill's dry, sardonic humor: the sudden grungily sawed cello that signs off on the ironically titled "Lyric," or the brittle donkey honks that punctuate and end "Skin 1.
Tsui and designers Eddy Wong, Poon Wing-yan and Shirley Chan have gone for a grungily garbed, sometimes color-desaturated look that owes as much to "Conan the Barbarian" or "The Lord of the Rings" as it does to Asian sword-play movies.
With his artfully dishevelled, bleach-blond hair and faded army jacket, Dominic is handsome, in a grungily trendy sort of a way.
HARVEY, STORIES FROM THE CITY, STORIES FROM THE SEA (Island Records) The grungily appealing Manhattan of Polly Harvey's new album feels more like the Mudd Club '70s than the plastic Starbucks shithole for rich college brats and i-biz billionaires that our fair city has become, but this is less a piece of nostalgia than a suggestion that the coming recession might be a lot more dirty fun than our recent "prosperity.
Schochet offers up some possible luminaries of the future: a handful of grungily dressed young men lounging on the sidewalk in front of the sad-looking Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard.
His sidekick Rose (the doctor has always had a feisty female sidekick) is played by Billie Piper, a teen singer-turned-actress, who is sweet, gritty and grungily sexy.
Clearly a practiced hand at the very understated come-on, Connie wins Harper over by sending her a portrait he took of her, a photo so lovely and unexpected that she feels compelled to pay him a visit at his grungily inviting studio-flat.