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Synonyms for grumpily

in an ill-natured manner

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Grumpily I decline to buy its refreshments on the 40-minute flight which is rarely delayed: I accept the deal.
During one campaign I had popped back home and grumpily had a go at Harry because the loudspeakers hadn't been properly fitted on my Jag.
And the film opens with a man (he doesn't know it yet, but in less than an hour he will attempt to kill his wife) grumpily retrieving a newspaper from where a careless paper boy has tossed it under his lawn sprinkler.
Thoroughly annoyed, NARAL grumpily added for good measure, "& sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight.
Island Birthday" takes the reader on a gorgeous visual tour of the beautiful Maine island, as Riley visits favorite people and places, grumpily complaining and also remembering many special experiences living on the island.
Feathers ruffled, Duck grumpily instructs his audience to quit flipping pages and leave him in peace.
Just before making his frank admission about his future, the feisty Belmadi had grumpily refused to discuss it when questioned by a journalist.
Instead it was promising youngster, Ross Murdoch, who was first to the finish, leaving the face of the Games to grumpily muse 'I don't train for second'
After a picnic lunch and some local Cornish ice-cream for pudding, Emily got to drive a mini JCB while Francesca, too young to take the wheel, looked on grumpily.
I held my breath as I served this dish to The Husband, who I fully expected to ask, grumpily, ''Where's the cheese?
and she grumpily shrugs off all their attempts to make her happy.
It's a day when everything goes wrong and it puts Olive in a foul mood - not even her friends can cheer her up and she grumpily shrugs off all their attempts to make her happy.
20pm) | The gang's Easter celebrations come under threat when Rabbit grumpily refuses to join in, preferring to spend the day spring cleaning.
London, December 27 ( ANI ): A-Rod, who was spotted in Beverly Hills hunting for a new love nest with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson earlier this year, grumpily took a backseat to her three pups as they prepared to enjoy a cruise around Biscayne Bay in Miami on Christmas Day.