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Synonyms for gruffness

a throaty harshness

an abrupt discourteous manner

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There's always been quiet things he covers up with his gruffness but that hard exterior slips from time to time.
Moments of poetic loveliness in the prose are counterbalanced with a gruffness befitting the novel's main characters.
I believe Joe would have rejected any approach that criticized his gruffness or disallowed his narcissism.
Foremost of them is Bembol Roco who portrays the NBI director with forthright gruffness; Ricky Davao who is appropriately slimy as the complicit Cardinal; and Christopher de Leon in a surprise cameo as the ambitious, politically-astute acting NBI director.
At 58, Bacon still looks absurdly trim in his dark jeans and black top, and has the kind of terse gruffness that makes me think of a cowboy.
despite her husband's gruffness, for after all, Israel Kedmi is a
This young baritone has certainly shot into the firmament since I first heard him at Gloucester Music Club 18 months ago, and shows many characteristics of his great mentor, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, whose last student he was: the same honeyed upper tones, the same compelling physical involvement, but as yet none of the gruffness lower down with which Fischer-Dieskau could shade his delivery.
The coffee shop seemed empty without his gruffness.
The sheriff and the registrar of voters quoted in the story speaking with racist gruffness to the old black preacher are now long dead, but they were men whose names I grew up respecting.
Getting up the nerve to push back wasn't easy--Meyer had a reputation for gruffness and great technical astuteness.
Its gruffness may come as a surprise to anyone who's driven a relatively modern diesel hatchback, but the noise does reduce when cruising.
Bbacked by a solid band and joined on stage for several tracks by the wonderful Aussie singer-songwriter Ruth Moody, whose velvety vocals matched Knopfler's gruffness superbly.
"We were looking for someone who would be able to perform the gruffness, the humor, and the toughness of this character," he said.
There's a Sport setting that you can select that adds a bit of gruffness and bark to the exhaust sound, but it's never going to sound as good as a high-revving petrol engine.