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Synonyms for grueling

characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion

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She was the first woman to tackle the notoriously grueling Tecate-SCORE Baja 1000 as a solo woman driver in a Protruck.
It was so important for me to get it right: to represent just how difficult, grueling and painful running at this level is,'' Chressanthis said.
The answers lie in those very new technologies, in digitization and automation, and in the grueling process improvement work now common in other industries.
The 2002 wildfire season, one of the longest and most grueling in U.
Some assume that vegetarians cannot be serious athletes and compete in grueling sports such as ultrarunning.
McDowell writes that receiving certification is often a grueling, complex process that involves submitting numerous documents.
Hunting for fossils (preserved remnants of animals or plants) demands grueling hours digging up dirt.
One of the most uplifting and inspiring moments in sports history was the vision of Lance Armstrong winning what is probably the most grueling of all athletic events, the Tour de France.
Eight days of grueling and tedious testimony was presented, homosexuality was scrutinized, and the 1992 campaign relived.
It's been fifty years since Corvette's legendary engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov prodded Chevrolet to make the once-stylish roadster into a tough sports car -- one that could beat famous European brands in grueling endurance races like Sebring and Le Mans.
BEVERLY HILLS -- Eric Braga vomited in between sets and collapsed on the court following a grueling tiebreaker to conclude the match.
People who compete in grueling long-distance bicycle races are in great physical shape.
In Beauty May She Walk: Hiking The Appalachian Trail At 60 is the personal story of sixty-year-old Leslie Mass and her grueling 2,000-mile journey along the Appalachian Trail.
Sustaining a grueling touring schedule, she burnt herself out: in 1963, at the age of 50, she died of a kidney ailment.