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Synonyms for grubstake

money or property used to produce more wealth

to supply capital to or for

Words related to grubstake

funds advanced to a prospector or to someone starting a business in return for a share of the profits

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supply with funds in return for a promised share of profits

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Stories like these inspire the realizations that where one starts out is less important than where one is headed; that initiative, creativity, and the courage to take a risk (and perhaps fail), are just as important as a cash grubstake; and that creative individuals are indeed in control of their own destinies and artistic futures.
"We're more funny than tacky." Trained as a lawyer, Mendelsohn quit his job last year to found Tipsy Elves with Nick Morton, a college friend who helped raise a modest grubstake for a Christmas sweater company with no distribution network and no design staff.
64) to answer the question of the month "How can I get started without a grubstake?" I said it took hard work and frugality to get here.
He asked Dean Torrence, an old buddy from the Barons and one of Keenan's early investment clients, for a grubstake. By 1963 Jan and Dean were at their peak and flush with cash.
Mulrooney made her grubstake by selling lingerie to the women of Dawson, shrewdly guessing that these bedraggled pioneers "had been so long separated from luxuries, they just wanted to possess them, to feel 'em ...
had sufficiently recovered from this setback to be able to consider an investment in a railroad company as a means of securing his California grubstake. Two years later, he had yet to build the needed cash reserve.
The trick was to get him into that condition without spending all of our grubstake. Back then there were only two hotels in Vegas, and we preferred the Last Frontier.
We had raised a grubstake from two businessmen we eventually got a deal (from) and it was diamond drill hole number 76 that was the discovery hole that resulted in the multi-billion dollar ore bodies," Larche said.
As for social cooperation, I figured to get married right smart as soon as I could earn a grubstake, go to college, and become a tycoon.
Of course, not everyone among the original investors has found that their grubstake was the fast track to the sunlit uplands.
Dallas and Thomas Edwin Sanders (a mining man born in California in 1875) (21) agreed to grubstake Couch $25 each, and they sent him into the Diablo Range to prospect near the already successful Idria mine.
Did I mention grubstake, hacksaw, coleslaw, typewrite,
With a yen for long shots and a grubstake of $45,000, Mr.
The capitalist initially has a total capital stock of [pounds sterling] 20,000, of which [pounds sterling] 7,000 is fixed capital (buildings, equipment, and the like), and [pounds sterling] 13,000 is circulating capital (stores of food and necessaries used to provision, or grubstake, labor over the period of production and thus the wherewithal to employ, or demand, workers).