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Synonyms for grubstake

money or property used to produce more wealth

to supply capital to or for

Words related to grubstake

funds advanced to a prospector or to someone starting a business in return for a share of the profits

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supply with funds in return for a promised share of profits

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In short, switching labor from food production to machine installation permanently reduces the fund available to grubstake and therefore to hire workers.
He asked if I would grubstake him," said McFarlane, who told Stewart to look for a "little piece of land.
Roza Brown was a pungent Hungarian entrepreneuse who helped grubstake Hargreaves and Oakes.
There were opportunities for a fellow with ambition, and a grubstake, in the wholesale grocers trade and Alvin Woolson was not a man to let grass grow beneath his feet.
With such a grubstake I could take out for California or come back with a grubstake.
A multi-instrumentalist, Tuft formed Grubstake in 1972 and made several albums with his band mates Steve Abbott and Jack Stanesco; he has recorded as a solo artist as well.
The legendary value investor got his grubstake by famously buying shares of companies selling for $1 a share or less when war began in 1939.
In addition to large cash payments for good discoveries, Wernecke had always been generous to genuine prospectors and he continued this policy during the shutdown by providing personal loans, grubstake support, free assays and explosives.
With a grubstake, he opened The Black Cat--one of the busiest music houses on the East Coast and one where the bands assuredly do sweat.
81/6 * Getting started without a grubstake * Dowsing; Making beer; $50 greenhouse * Cash from Boer goats, meat chickens * Build a serious homestead food dryer * Holistic perspective on work Jan/Feb 1998 Vol.
75 left in the chest a grubstake, a concept that developed in the waning years of the Gold Rush, said Lingenfelter, who studied mining finance and in 1986 wrote a comprehensive history of Death Valley.
Grubstake, a full-service restaurant with bar combined with a separate Lobby Lounge, provides the credibility of Manhattan and the charm of Brooklyn.
With $19 billion -- nearly 760 times the grubstake he started out with seven years ago -- he is snapping up troubled assets in bankruptcy, shorting distressed bonds, and using huge stock positions to agitate for change at underperforming companies.
75 left in the chest a grubstake, a concept that developed in the waning years of the Gold Rush, said Richard Lingenfelter, a research physicist at the University of California, San Diego, who in 1986 wrote a comprehensive history of Death Valley.
Looking off across New Mexico's Mimbres River toward the Black Range one afternoon, a rancher friend of mine said, "This is the kind of country where even if you starve out, you'll find a way to raise another grubstake and come back.