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Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically

a progression from simpler to more complex forms

vegetation that has grown

the gradual beginning or coming forth

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(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)

something grown or growing

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It is evident, on our theory, that coasts merely fringed by reefs cannot have subsided to any perceptible amount; and therefore they must, since the growth of their corals, either have remained stationary or have been upheaved.
Consequently, when an island thus fringed subsides, though most of the narrow gateways will probably become closed by the outward and upward growth of the corals, yet any that are not closed (and some must always be kept open by the sediment and impure water flowing out of the lagoon-channel) will still continue to front exactly the upper parts of those valleys, at the mouths of which the original basal fringing-reef was breached.
I will not enter on many more details; but I must remark that the curious structure of the northern Maldiva atolls receives (taking into consideration the free entrance of the sea through their broken margins) a simple explanation in the upward and outward growth of the corals, originally based both on small detached reefs in their lagoons, such as occur in common atolls, and on broken portions of the linear marginal reef, such as bounds every atoll of the ordinary form.
In all reefs, owing to the sediment being washed out of the lagoon-channel to leeward, that side is least favourable to the long-continued vigorous growth of the corals; hence dead portions of reef not unfrequently occur on the leeward side; and these, though still retaining their proper wall-like form, are now in several instances sunk several fathoms beneath the surface.
Lyell, even in the first edition of his "Principles of Geology," inferred that the amount of subsidence in the Pacific must have exceeded that of elevation, from the area of land being very small relatively to the agents there tending to form it, namely, the growth of coral and volcanic action.
In my recent column 'How to value stock growth expectations' several weeks ago, I explained that the value of a stock price consists of two components, namely, the value of assets-in-place representing the no-growth portion and the value of expected growth.
Even if we focused on employment growth only up to 2007, the same patterns would hold and the specific metropolitan areas within each group would change little (12 metro areas would switch categories).
Other researchers have lately made strides in replicating snowflake growth, using computers to simulate water vapor diffusion and other processes that control ice crystallization.
Honing your overall purpose is the first step toward growth.
Boeing said growth in Asian air cargo markets will exceed previous forecasts, with the domestic Chinese and intra-Asian markets expanding 10.8% and 8.6% per year respectively.
The main demand drivers for tissue are population growth; age structure and urbanization; economic development and rising living standards; changes in retail trade; and new product development.
A modest annualized growth of approximately 1% is expected through 2011, as total shipments return to the 55 million unit level as a result of increases in light vehicle sales and production and increases in the popularity of cross-over utility vehicles, which are fitted with OE passenger tires.
We are expecting economic growth of 6% for 2005 and private-investment growth of around 11%.
Mercer Delta conducted the study--"In Search of Growth: 10 Practices That Create Organic Growth Champions"--to ascertain the practices that companies pursue to successfully achieve organic growth.