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Synonyms for grown-up




Synonyms for grown-up

having reached full growth and development

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All this made me realize how glad I am that our daughter grew up with children and grown-ups of different races and religions and how enriched my own life has been from the same experience.
Two levels of difficulty will be available, one for kids and one for grown-ups.
WHILE most parents love spending time with their children in the holidays, there comes a time when the grown-ups want to have a little time to themselves.
Catholic grown-ups ask equally predictable questions, though they revolve around the holy matters of sex, procreation, and gender: Surely the church has all but given up the fight about birth control?
SENIOR MOMENTS: It wasn't necessary to be over 50 to attend the fifth annual Movies for Grown-Ups Awards hosted by AARP the Magazine at the Hotel Bel-Air on Tuesday night.
AGE 6-8: Sex is one of the ways in which two grown-up people can show that they love each other.
Millions of people around the world embrace Cranium experiences every day, whether they're a toddler or grown-up, in the game aisle or coffee shop, or on any of the seven continents," said Richard Tait, Cranium cofounder and Grand Poo Bah.
It doesn't make ``Bad Boys II'' the least bit worthwhile or excusable, but it does provide for some grown-up giggles for all of us grown-ups with arrested development.
Kids Battle the Grown-Ups is the first game designed and written by kids to stump their parents.
The first kind, the great majority, told me what grown-ups had decided I ought to know or believe about the world," writes Lurie, observing that such books teach kids "to be more like respectable grown-ups.
This month's cover story talks about grown-ups playing dress-up.
And, it has added a new dimension that's sure to attract kids and grown-ups alike.
Trying to keep MS secret just doesn't work: kids always know when grown-ups are going through hard times.
Later, grown-ups headed to the premiere, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, where they munched hors d'oeuvres, then listened as Glickman requested support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a federal program that uses revenues form offshore oil and gas leasing for land and water for parks, forests, and open spaces.