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Fastest growing large business: Pearson Engineering Limited, Newcastle 20?
1]increase, expand <The city is growing rapidly.
Heat absorbed by a wall during the day radiates outward and warms plants growing against it at night.
Every step in the process from climate and growing conditions, genetics of the tree, to the final brewing methods affect these natural chemicals.
Of all the kinds of yew growing around the world, Northern Ontario-grown yew has the highest concentrations of paclitaxel, plus other more diverse ingredients including 10-DAB and DHB.
The proportions of these various substances greatly depends on weather at the vineyard during the growing season, says Gregory V.
The answer dates back to the period just after World War I, when a widespread concern over shortages of forest products prompted a push for growing more timber resources.
Large and growing markets, he argues, produce economies of scale, and only when industries achieve such scale economies can more capital, labor, and new ideas produce faster growth.
Tamar Sherman invites readers to grow bolder--and venture into the wilderness on some of the nation's growing list of accessible trails in state, local, and national parks.
These results clearly demonstrate the advantages of a microgravity environment for growing protein crystals.
I am curious about when businesses stopped growing and people started growing them.
More than 30 years after Mexico exported the world's first shipment of certified organic coffee from Finca Irlanda, the organic movement is growing faster than any other in global coffee markets.
But in the longer term, mass investment in tires and vehicles should make India one of the fastest growing countries.
Emerson's skin was growing in a laboratory, 900 miles from his Kalamazoo, Michigan, hospital bed.