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totally submissive

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How do you feel now?" Grovelling James replied: "Your boy is the best and I'm so sorry for that impression.
She ordered: "These two men deserve, and will have, an apology, a grovelling apology, from the Crown Prosecution Service within 48 hours." Walter Bealby, for the teenager, said: "As a local man once said, all's well that ends well."
To see BBC Wales grovelling to someone who wants to deprive poor working class people in the US of similar basic decency is disgusting.
And I doubt any of them could ever have labelled the future king a 'grovelling little b***ard' on live TV and reduced an audience of millions to tears with hilarity.
Is it a society where parents instill ethical behaviour in their children or leave it to the grovelling media, and their descent to the lowest common denominator to do the job?
I would settle for the immediate recall and destruction of all material wrongly stating that the Baggies are from the Second City, the dismissal of Mr Manson and a grovelling apology from Birmingham Marketing to the Albion, the club's supporters and the good citizens of West Bromwich and Warley.
When Reddy talks of the role of gender in history, or when he finds in the rhetoric of grovelling French bureaucrats a hundred years dead a demand for rights and entitlements, it is the language of late twentieth-century America, and especially academic America, that is speaking, not that of Louis-Philippe's kingdom.
Across the border in Canada, Calgary International Airport has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after its latest money-making scheme crashed and burned.
But she quickly made a grovelling apology after friends convinced her she was making a fool of herself.
Is there no end to British grovelling to the House of Windsor?
Grovelling David Williams of Ladbrokes said: "April has been all the rage.
But a senior Newcastle source said: "There was absolutely no question of Kevin grovelling. The opposite was the case.
MEL Gibson has told his detractors: "Get the hell over it." The Hollywood star, who issued a grovelling apology to the Jewish community in the summer after unleashing an anti-Semitic rant when he was arrested for drink-driving, said the way he had been treated since was "out of proportion".
He even topped the so-called Iron Lady's grovelling supplication to Bush senior on his ascendance to the Presidency that Britain retain its most-favoured lapdog status.
NEWCASTLE legend Malcolm Macdonald has urged Craig Bellamy (pictured) to make grovelling apologies to Graeme Souness and Alan Shearer in order to solve the club's striking crisis.