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totally submissive

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To see BBC Wales grovelling to someone who wants to deprive poor working class people in the US of similar basic decency is disgusting.
But she quickly made a grovelling apology after friends convinced her she was making a fool of herself.
Is there no end to British grovelling to the House of Windsor?
Grovelling David Williams of Ladbrokes said: "April has been all the rage.
But a senior Newcastle source said: "There was absolutely no question of Kevin grovelling.
He even topped the so-called Iron Lady's grovelling supplication to Bush senior on his ascendance to the Presidency that Britain retain its most-favoured lapdog status.
NEWCASTLE legend Malcolm Macdonald has urged Craig Bellamy (pictured) to make grovelling apologies to Graeme Souness and Alan Shearer in order to solve the club's striking crisis.
I would settle for the immediate recall and destruction of all material wrongly stating that the Baggies are from the Second City, the dismissal of Mr Manson and a grovelling apology from Birmingham Marketing to the Albion, the club's supporters and the good citizens of West Bromwich and Warley.
I look forward to the grovelling apology from the acting head of the board of governors - or even the head of the acting chairman of the board of governors - for force feeding us the comedy equivalent of BSE all these years.
AUSTRALIA tennis officials were today forced to issue a grovelling apology to Spanish dignitaries after the wrong national anthem was played in the opening ceremony of the 2003 Davis Cup final.
It's a time when, one by one, people you once admired for working hard and achieving, become grovelling Baldricks in their desperation to be recognised by a system which should have been defunct years ago.
Grovelling Young insisted: "For the vast majority of people in the country today, they have never had it so good ever since this recession - this so-called recession - started.
AN Italian newspaper has been forced into a grovelling apology after confusing Croatia boss Slaven Bilic with a Macedonian murderer.
A FORMER West Midlands MP has made a grovelling apology to the House of Commons after he paid his son more than pounds 40,000 to be a researcher while he was also a fulltime student.
A grovelling Liam McGough, 22, told her: "Our relationship, it's in your hands now.