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decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)

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Often neglected, though, is the importance of avoiding groupthink by making young people grapple with conflicting ideas and test them against each other through healthy debate in a free and open society.
Sorry if it offends the groupthinks delicate sensibilities, but Hall of Famers are allowed a voice, just as are those who genuinely believe Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa would have reached ridiculous heights without drugs.
Even The New York Times, which has led the media groupthink on Russian guilt, initially published the surprised reaction from correspondent Scott Shane who wrote: "What is missing from the public report is what many Americans most eagerly anticipated: hard evidence to back up the agencies' claims that the Russian government engineered the election attack.
The groupthink symptom resulted in his resignation.
the Most fundamentally, the collective groupthink of Britain's elites - from politics to corporate business and London media - advance the argumentthatglobalisation has been unquestionably good.
Educators from the US and Canada discuss the failure of No Child Left Behind, assessment and quality, the role of groupthink in testing practices, how testing disrupts learning, effects on school leaders and teacher preparation, how education policies are connected to the privatization of goods and services, how testing creates unstimulating learning cultures, testing and African American students, the role of assessment in empowering students, the standardization of writing instruction, how grading affects the self, and classroom experiences in de-grading.
The topics include how to become a charismatic leader, the importance of the mission statement, the advantages and disadvantages of the Sprinkler Strategy, a discussion on Groupthink, how to recruit the best talents, nine excellent creativity techniques, how to conduct efficient meetings (and save time), three reasons why you won't be a successful manager, and how to treat your emails efficiently (and save time).
The more homogenous or cohesive the group, the more susceptible it is to groupthink.
A howl of agony echoes through a distant gorge, and soon merges with the screams of the persecutors and the persecuted alike In "Mountain Cry," a bluntly effective condemnation of Intolerant groupthink that reveals just how quickly the Inhabitants of a remote village will turn on their own.
Martin said, "Having diverse views also mitigates potential blind spots, or groupthink, and allows the firm to be readily adaptable in an ever-changing competitive landscape.
David Patrick Houghton revisits the controversial theory of groupthink in "Understanding Groupthink: The Case of Operation Market Garden," and offers ways to avoid its pitfalls.
One of the principal jobs of the project manager either on the sponsor side or contracted side is to keep decision-making rational, and within social groups an incredible source of irrationality comes from groupthink.
Effective teamwork is essential in high-quality audits; however, the psychology of group interactions can also lead to groupthink.
Another issue tied to the incredible stresses endured by physicians is rooted in the groupthink within state physician health programs (PHPs).
One of the major issues that red teaming seeks to mitigate is groupthink, which, according to Merriam-Webster, is "a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics.