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an enthusiastic young fan (especially a young woman who follows rock groups around)

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The Richard and Adam Groupie Group was founded in February 2014 with 1,200 members as far as Australia, Japan and the USA.
A groupie she may have been, but she was far from the drug-adled doormat sex toy that the word groupie can conjure in the popular imagination.
One study of online communities found 90 million Americans using the Internet to contact a group and referred to network users who nurture long-distance online community memberships as Cyber Groupies (Hoorigan et al, 2001).
Just when it seems Diary of a Groupie merely has a formulaic plot of raw sexual escapades and one-dimensional men, Omar Tyree turns up the intrigue.
Jenny said she's still a mad Stereophonics fan and loves the new album, Gotta Go There To Come Back, but she doesn't play the groupie girlfriend when Paul is on stage.
The Richard and Adam Groupie Group was founded in February 2014 and has almost 1,200 members via its Facebook page.
The Blurred Lines hitmaker said that they spend most of the time naked and sometimes she even pretends to be an adoring groupie in the bedroom.
I always wanted to be the rock star, never the groupie," she said.
Lineker poses as a groupie to get near the band and their crisps.
The protagonist of Clarissa Looking Like a Pink Floyd Groupie, 2001, wears a kind of scarf and a flowered top--not particularly Pink Floyd--esque, but maybe Clarissa was looking rather Establishment to Smith that day.
And he stressed that the phenomenon of the rugby groupie was everpresent throughout his career with Cardiff RFC, Wales and when he switched codes to rugby league.
To enjoy Paradise Interrupted, you don't have to be a Carole Ann Mystery groupie.
Along the way, the wide-eyed ingenue (well played by newcomer Patrick Fugit) falls for the warm-hearted groupie (Kate Hudson) who is, of course, sleeping with the lead singer (Crudup), even though all three know he will dump her when the tour is over.
The idea for the site came from Art Groupie Presents, Fray's home-based business, which sponsors roving art shows, multimedia concerts, special events, and small-business launchings.
And if football's most notorious groupie had her wicked way he'd be on her shopping list.