group therapy

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psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist

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Under the current SNF PPS, group therapy is defined as consisting of exactly four patients.
The room, which is the site of the group therapy meetings, is one of Ecker's most utilized rooms.
But for many people, group therapy can be an enlightening and helpful experience.
I share Mr Vaughan's view that group therapy is not the answer, as there will always be many who will not open up and do not like talking about their own personal problems in front of strangers, whether it be group therapy for mental health counselling or just group discussion on any matter.
Group Therapy has a loyal and solid audience, but its staggering ability to attract massive names - and the extraordinary ability of the club's organisers to spot the hottest new talent - has made it a place that people are desperate to go to and artists are excited to play.
Moreover, women can be taught to manage a relationship without using manipulation with the help of group therapy techniques such as role-play.
This is the case of group therapy that has been considered by some authors as the intervention of choice in the treatment of addictions (5-6).
"Our new research shows that mindfulness group therapy has the equivalent effect as individual CBT for a wide range of psychiatric symptoms that are common among this patient group," Professor Jan Sundquist, who led the research group in the study, said in a statement.
Not only is group therapy considered to be practical, it also has been held up as an intervention that has the potential to contribute to the development of '...
However, this motivation is being overtaken and substituted by a broader view in which group therapy aims to provide individuals with an exchange of experiences, selfperception, self-knowledge, inclusion, and the creation of ties with other participants, in order to encourage more motivation in these individuals to regularly participate in the group, thus favoring therapy efficiency [14].
Group therapy stands out as a viable alternative to look at the effects of the therapeutic process on medical patients, as large numbers of patients can be incorporated into a single study without a commitment to hours and hours of clinical work.
Religious/spiritual group therapy is a form of psychotherapy drawing upon special principles and religious/spiritual techniques to empower patients to attain a nonmaterial understanding of self, universe, incidents and phenomena, and ultimately health and growth.
Veterans with PTSD who participated in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program experienced greater decrease in symptom severity, compared with those who participated in present-centered group therapy, according to a randomized, controlled trial.
A free hotline for psychological support, an interactive website to share experiences with other patients and group therapy sessions are some of the support services offered by Rahma, meaning 'mercy' in Arabic.
Although multiple methodologies (gestalt therapy, neurolinguistic programming, encounter groups and group therapy, psychodrama and more) are discussed, the role and value of hypnosis receives especial focus.