group theory

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the branch of mathematics dealing with groups

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Jean-Pierre Serre's mathematical contributions, leading to a Fields Medal in 1954, were largely in the field of algebraic topology, but his later work ranged widely--within algebraic geometry, group theory, and especially number theory.
5) Furthermore, Keeler's proof itself leverages group theory, providing an unconventional example of the application of this topic--a required unit of Mathematics C.
Researchers from various branches of group theory and computer science will work together on important questions in the field.
The "Journal of Modern Dynamics" covers the theory of dynamical systems with an emphasis on the mutual interaction between dynamics and other major areas of mathematical research, including number theory, differential geometry, quantum chaos, geometric group theory and harmonic analysis.
A second, circa 1820, was the discovery of group theory by the young French mathematician Galois.
Other presenters and discussants included Cheris Kramarae, whose Women and Men Speaking in 1981 was largely responsible for bringing muted group theory to the attention of communication scholars; Julia Wood, the scholar widely recognized as making the earliest applications of standpoint theory within communication; Jan Dates, whose work has examined mainstream media depictions of African Americans; Mark Orbe, who used both muted group and standpoint theories in developing a theory of co-cultural communication; and Thomas Nakayama, author of works exploring Asian American communication and the identity of whiteness.
A model showing the relationship among these categories proposes that effective facilitation of virtual groups is built on knowledge of group theory and the skills to make these explicit in a virtual environment.
It's titled Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success (Currency/Doubleday; $29.
A series of papers with Jack Watchman, such as (22), had the purpose to explore, by application of group theory, the symmetry of possible paths by which point defects could move around a special crystal site or with freedom in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions of a given crystal structure on overcoming distinct energy barriers.
He goes on to cover more advanced subjects, such as linear mappings, group theory, and special functions.
Chapters then consider group work with adolescents in the broader context of general group theory and practice, highlighting ways that practitioners can: thoughtfully and systematically plan groups for adolescents; provide good beginnings to socialize adolescents into group culture; form stable alliances with parents of group members; build mutual aid among participants and enhance problem solving; promote belonging and competence through the use of verbal and nonverbal activity; and ensure a me aningful separation when the group comes to an end.
The literature on group theory provides further evidence on the effect belonging to a group has on decision making.
His training in public administration notwithstanding, John discovered his true interests at Rochester--British and comparative politics, "the Behavioral Revolution" (words and emphasis his), group theory, and Arthur Bentley, probably in that order.
Mancur Olson's (1965) attack on traditional interest group theory, The Logic of Collective Action, was based on economics.
In order to do this, he invented a mathematical technique called group theory, which turned out to be useful a century later in working out quantum mechanics, one of the two great physical theories developed in the twentieth century that successfully describe the Universe.