group psychotherapy

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psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist

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The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral group psychotherapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder.
New beginnings' in South African shelters for the homeless: Piloting of a group psychotherapy intervention for high-risk mother-infant dyads.
Hypothesis: Participation in group psychotherapy has a positive impact upon levels of depression and anxiety in medical patients suffering from liver disease and viral hepatitis.
Douglas Kelley, "The Use of General Semantics and Korzybskian Principles as an Extensional Method of Group Psychotherapy in Traumatic Neurosis," in General Semantics and Psychotherapy, Isabel Caro and Charlotte Schuchardt Read, eds.
Meaning-centered group psychotherapy for patients with advanced cancer: a pilot randomized controlled trial.
His research interests include process and outcome investigations fir both individual and group psychotherapy.
This study shows that group psychotherapy offers opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and coping strategies.
Group psychotherapy delivered by trained nonprofessionals shows particular promise in such settings.
Markin, and Spiegel apply attachment theory to group psychotherapy and explain how therapists in all areas can work with group members with different attachment styles.
Because the symptomatology of both disorders closely resemble several of the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" ("DSM-IV-TR," American Psychiatric Association, 2000) diagnoses, research on the prevalence and culture-bound specificity of the disorders are investigated, as well as the efficacy of pharmacotherapy, individual and group psychotherapy, and psychosocial rehabilitation treatments.
It's anger management classes, group psychotherapy, undercooked rice, indirect pepper-spray shots and petty politicking.
7%) of the thirty studies indexed in the past five years in the arena of men and group psychotherapy dealt with working with men as either perpetrators or victims of abuse, or dealing with addictions.
Moreno, psychodrama is an experiential method of group psychotherapy that uses action techniques to explore the root of psychological and social problems (Moreno & Moreno, 1969).
Two code sets--chose for family psychotherapy (90846, 90847, 90849) and group psychotherapy (90853)--were retained.
There are questions about addiction treatment methods, self-help groups, individual or group psychotherapy respondent has used in the basic part of the questionnaire.
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