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(medicine) the practice of medicine by a group of physicians who share their premises and other resources

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To make this occur would require most of the physicians in a community to give up their ownership of practices and join in a large group practice with a significant number of administrative employees to make the system work to the advantage of patients.
If you are a lab manager, the added role of group practice administrator provides an opportunity to break out of the technical and service aspects of your current position and broaden your skills and expertise.
I was director for managed care in the group practice and one of two medical directors for the IPA that group participated in.
Furthermore, the traditional academic medical center and multispecialty group practice business and governance models were unable to compete with the speed and aggressiveness of some of the entrepreneurial approaches to managed care of their insurance and Wall Street-oriented competitors.
However, only two years later and after making a hard run at change management, he was welcomed back part-time by that same group practice.
What do we do with the hospital or group practice executive who must approve the multi-million dollar budget for a computer-based patient record, but has no notion of what one looks like, how clinicians can use it to improve patient care, and what training is required to use the CPR to full advantage?
Cases that occurred prior to joining a large group practice.
Turf wars, group practice conflicts, bioethical disputes, credentialing issues, medical staff strife, denial of coverage conflicts, and malpractice claims can erupt as the medical, political, insurance, and business worlds draw closer.
Another significant issue under the Stark Law has been whether a group practice may have nonphysician owners (eg.
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