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participation by all members of a group

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Referring to the design implications based on the awareness information, a visualization tool should represent the group participation as well as the individual participation.
For years, Bohemia Realty Group has sponsored team-oriented and health-based initiatives, such as personal training sessions, intra-office sports teams, pet adoption drives and a host of other programs geared toward group participation.
It is important to point out that voluntary group participation and community involvement are conceptually and empirically distinct.
This 2016 show will feature 117 pavilions - five more than last year - with first-time group participation from Russia, Costa Rica, Belarus, Mauritius and New Zealand, the Oceania nation returning after a six-year break.
The researchers looked at whether group participation with potential peer pressure would improve quitting rates.
Locals and the housing rights group Participation And The Practice of Rights are also furious that when they tried to use Freedom of Information legislation to find out why the flats remain empty they were told it would cost PS887.
11 Austrian companies (9 in the group participation and 2 individual exhibitors represented by their Libyan partner) are presenting their state of the art technologies in the construction & infrastructure industry at LIBYA BUILD 2014 and offer the Libyan institutions and companies years of experience collected during construction & infrastructure projects all around the world.
The Vitality program is designed for both individual and group participation and offers a prayerful environment for those who seek personal discernment, healing and direction.
The Reform the NSA iPhone app runs on top of the Crowdshout platform which leverages a concept called "micro actions," a number of small tasks taken by individuals that get magnified through group participation. On the Crowdshout platform each cause is configured with a set of action tools to help promote the cause.
The power guide material encourages small group participation and practical personal application.
I believe that group participation encourages both the performers and members of the audience us to dive further into the experience.
He affirmed that the symposium will also focus on discussing the challenges facing the entrepreneurs while trying to develop their enterprises, activating the role of these enterprises in increasing the contribution of the private sector in the development process, enhancing the initiative-taking spirit in identifying feasible investment opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship culture, enhancing individual and group participation by joining the labour market and focusing more on adding value to economic activities.
True to his word, he encouraged the entire audience to clap along with their last number before beckoning everyone to the front of the stage and leading them in an African dance group participation exercise.
Security threat group participation (both active and disruptive) and the other explanatory measures used in the current analysis are the foundation of scoreable items on a newly revised objective prison classification instrument to be used at male reception centers in Ohio.
In their attempt to solve the crisis confronting the industry, lengthy discussions continued between all concerned participants throughout the year, with regular reference group participation ensuring contribution from a wide range of voices.
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