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participation by all members of a group

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Referring to the design implications based on the awareness information, a visualization tool should represent the group participation as well as the individual participation.
However, few studies in this rapidly growing literature have delved into this paradox to specify when and how voluntary group participation spills over and is beneficial to community involvement beyond group boundaries.
I believe that group participation encourages both the performers and members of the audience us to dive further into the experience.
He affirmed that the symposium will also focus on discussing the challenges facing the entrepreneurs while trying to develop their enterprises, activating the role of these enterprises in increasing the contribution of the private sector in the development process, enhancing the initiative-taking spirit in identifying feasible investment opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship culture, enhancing individual and group participation by joining the labour market and focusing more on adding value to economic activities.
True to his word, he encouraged the entire audience to clap along with their last number before beckoning everyone to the front of the stage and leading them in an African dance group participation exercise.
Security threat group participation (both active and disruptive) and the other explanatory measures used in the current analysis are the foundation of scoreable items on a newly revised objective prison classification instrument to be used at male reception centers in Ohio.
The money was used to purchase an interactive smart board to enable group participation in art classes in Kirkwood's therapy centre.
The Kioge exhibition traditionally brings together about 500 companies from 30 countries and features national group participation from countries such as Germany, Italy, Canada, China, Russia and France.
Despiteforecasts of a cooling Chinese real estate market due to strict government control measures, Shanghai Spring has exceeded all expectations in both domestic and overseas realty group participation.
Written for museum professionals, this volume describes a method for encouraging group participation at interactive science museum exhibits, and reports findings from a research study conducted at the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco.
After analysis of this study's survey responses and focus group participation, the needs and priorities collected from leaders of rural school districts indicate opportunities to review and revise current funding policies, as well as considerations to modify or review procedures employed by state agencies, professional education organizations, colleges and universities.
Consideration of whether to provide food as an incentive for focus group participation must be addressed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all the factual circumstances and the particular statutory objective the agency is trying to achieve.
The firm has a sister company that runs shows in Kazhakistan and Central Asia and organizes Turkish group participation at international exhibitions, mainly in Dubai.
The agent's attributes are: its level, the genetic inheritance, the skill and the group participation quota.
This is a book that focuses upon larger-scale projects requiring group participation.
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