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For group meeting dates or for further information search for Be Just You Group on facebook.
FIS ImageCentre User Group Meeting, October 4-6 in Birmingham, AL
Friends and family of sufferers are also welcome to attend the support group meetings.
The participants of the Trilateral Core Group Meeting will discuss matters relating to peace and stability and national reconciliation in Afghanistan.
The core group meeting noted that the police should deal with the matter with sensitivity while there should be no room for violence.
A Turkish military delegation led by General Hulusi Akar, Deputy Chief of Turkish General Staff, visited Pakistan to participate in the 8th high level m0ilitary dialogue group meeting.
Regular speakers will attend group meetings to offer information and advice.
The brand new CGA designation was created by the NACM Affiliate Council, comprising of all the affiliate COOs, and signifies that the holder is an expert on the critical elements that need to be considered when running an industry credit group meeting.
Moreover, Davutoglu attended Jammu-Kashmir Contact Group meeting, non-proliferation and disarmament initiative (NPDI) meeting and Bosnia-Herzegovina Contact Group meeting during the day.
Dubai Senior officials from more than 40 nations supporting Nato's operation in Libya will meet today in Istanbul for the third Contact Group meeting, as many countries have already moved to formalise ties with the Transitional National Council.
OPTIX SOFTWARE has doubled its business in a year, the MD Trevor Rowley told OT's Robina Moss at the company's two-day user group meeting at Oulton Hall, Leeds.
WELSH Country Foods hosted a very successful producer group meeting with ASDA Lamblink suppliers on Anglesey last month.
The goal of the Kingdom Assignment involves each home group meeting a need in their community.
Each month one group member would submit a draft manuscript to the group members a week before the scheduled group meeting.
No attempt was made to remove her at a subsequent Conservative group meeting.