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the branch of social psychology that studies the psychodynamics of interaction in social groups

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In another study, similar results of effective learning among medical undergraduate students with better group dynamics in CBL and open-minded learning approach was seen.
Understanding group dynamics can help estimators transform personnel from simply a collection of individuals into a high-functioning group that informs, rather than swarms, decision makers.
Steve has long-standing experience with wholesaler and retailer operations as well as wholesaler group dynamics.
Dennis Gansel, whose film "Die Welle" (The Wave) opens on Thursday, said the horrors of Adolf Hitler s Third Reich haven t made modern-day Germans more immune to the lure of charismatic leaders or persuasive group dynamics than any other nationality.
The sum is a sad but fascinating series of character studies and explosive (literally) group dynamics in an arena where technology is critical to human life.
Nelson Bingham, Earlham's provost, sums it up this way: "Outdoor education at Earlham uses the outdoors as a learning laboratory for students to engage environmental issues, biology, philosophy, history, and group dynamics.
Goobie covers a lot of ground with misperceptions, group dynamics, family relationships, and the pressures many teens face to fit in somewhere.
The stylish crowd socializing and the jazz band orchestrating their movements mirror the group dynamics of microbial populations, swinging to nature's tune in niches they make for themselves.
Some of the topics discussed included religion and state, where the world of the sacred was viewed alongside the world of democracy and freedom; African history, with a discussion on Pan-Africanism and Afro-mundialism; and group dynamics including lobbying techniques, advocacy, fundraising and dealing with the media.
The focus is upon making a commitment to the group and developing group dynamics, because at the end of the 12 sessions, it is the people in the circle who approve the loan for their peers, not the bank.
Not "Traffic," the exhibition curated by Bourriaud at the capcMusee d'Art Contemporain Bordeaux in 1996 that is considered the ground zero of relational aesthetics, but traffic--the complex mix of persons and vehicles typically found in urban centers--and the way its interactions reflect the values a community places on group dynamics and self-determination.
Merely assigning CW projects to students without further support is inadequate--students can benefit substantially from CW tools and high levels of process structure (the amount of task guidance and detail given for a collaborative task) to help them through group formation, group dynamics, CW roles, and the major CW activities; otherwise, student groups may end up having experiences that will negatively affect their CW efforts.
And it's all too easy to replicate that aspect of group dynamics unless we internalize some principle of nonduality into our very concept of justice.
Her understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics greatly enhances her coaching skills.