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Conversely, focus group discussion participants explained that the negative consequences of structural barriers were moderated by the existence of safe spaces to meet other MSM, safe spaces to receive services, access to competent mental health care, and access to comprehensive health care.
This is typically not a concern with family or friends, but it could present a privacy issue if the group discussion is business.
Specifically, several studies have now shown that self-directed learning, operationally defined as either small group discussion or as replacing lecture with free time and access to question-answer sessions, results in equivalent or superior learning but either a preference for traditional lecture or no clear preference for any approach.
Leading small group discussions can be a very valuable and powerful tool in meeting these goals.
The written survey was administered at the conclusion of each undergraduate focus group discussion.
because I know he is trying the best to help" and "people there have the heart for patients," relating to perceptions and preferences of a rehabilitation provider were recorded from the focus group discussion.
The trauma-focused group employed self-hypnosis and group discussion to elicit traumatic memories and explore feelings and behaviors spurred by abuse.
The unique, highly interactive BPM Roundtables are small group sessions moderated by subject matter experts who will facilitate group discussion around specific topics as diverse as BPM Project Governance and A Roadmap for BPMN.
Karachi -- A focus group discussion held on Wednesday at CPNE secretariat.
The broader level of group discussion and individual presentation initially focused on the nature of career assessment and the definition of culture.
Four testing conditions were sequentially implemented: (a) independent, (b) 'cheat sheet', (c) heterogeneous achievement group discussion, and (d) homogenous achievement group discussion along with a 'cheat sheet.
0 also allows instructors to form student Learning groups and set up private group discussion boards and chat rooms for these students.
Group discussion and sharing provided a platform of ideas that leaders can use or modify for their home chapter.
The focus group discussion used the same six questions.
White and his wife have been members of a book group for 10 years, and his career has focused on the intellectual, social, and spiritual growth to be had from reading and group discussion.