groundwater level

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underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

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Depleting groundwater level, overexploitation and deteriorating water quality and climate change, etc are major challenges to provide potable drinking water," Shekhawat was quoted in an official statement.
The situation has turned extremely grim in southern Bihar where the groundwater level has gone an average 39 metres down.
'I do agree that the groundwater level is lowering at an alarming pace,' said MCI Chief Metropolitan Officer Syed Najaf Iqbal.
Due to heavy population pressure Dhaka's groundwater level has fallen drastically.
The permanent displacement is calculated by the finite element method at a certain groundwater level considering the effect of the large deformation nonlinearity.
Here, based on the geological and hydrological conditions, an integrated analytical and numerical method was employed to calculate the groundwater level for residential and farming areas.
In this paper, analysis of groundwater level variations, water balance and all the parameters included in these quantities, i.e.
They were calibrated with respect to observed groundwater level and quality data, respectively, using inverse modeling method.
The groundwater level depth data for various periods were acquired from various sources including the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Water and Salinity Investigation Department (WASID) Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) reports on site resistivity surveys and various private tube well owners.
Gathering the data on the groundwater level between 2002 and 2012 as well as meteorological data (temperature, rainfall).
In the new reports, USGS scientists investigated the variability and extent of groundwater level changes as well as the more recent effects of reduced groundwater use following the introduction of surface water supplies.
Following the 2007-2009 drought, the Legislature asked DWR to develop more rigorous groundwater level monitoring throughout the state, with the support of local agencies or initiatives.
In the study by Kumar and Remadevi (2006), OK was more accurate than IDW for groundwater level interpolation.
Stantec also pointed out the very high groundwater level in many areas which would have a "significant impact" on infiltration to the sanitary sewer if there were even a small number of deficiencies in the subdivision's stormwater management system.
According to Gupta, the groundwater level in the area is just 10 metres deep.
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