groundwater level

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underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

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The groundwater level variations were computed on the basis of the mean Terrestrial Water Storage (TWS) values determined from Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) observations and Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS).
The large amount of floods over the past two years has increased the average groundwater levels.
The temporal change of groundwater levels from years 1976 to 1996 is due to increase in utilization and recharge of the groundwater (Figs.
Gathering the data on the groundwater level between 2002 and 2012 as well as meteorological data (temperature, rainfall).
While groundwater level declines are substantial in many areas, hydrographs (graphs of water level change) show several instances where groundwater levels are increasing since the introduction of surface water supplies from the San Juan-Chama Drinking Water Project.
These occur because water salinity rises as groundwater levels fall.
And for a good reason: Almost everywhere in California, groundwater levels have been drawn to record depth and domestic and farm wells are drying up at an unprecedented pace.
2009) investigated groundwater level fluctuations between 2001 and 2005 in the Amman Zarqa Basin in Jordan.
Due to the proximity of groundwater level to the earth's surface in most parts of Abu Dhabi city, the dewatering process has become an integral part of the foundation the construction, infrastructure works of facilities, developmental and strategic projects," said Al Nuaimi.
Stantec also pointed out the very high groundwater level in many areas which would have a "significant impact" on infiltration to the sanitary sewer if there were even a small number of deficiencies in the subdivision's stormwater management system.
According to Gupta, the groundwater level in the area is just 10 metres deep.
Therefore, it was hypothesized that the decline of groundwater level in the dolomite quarry and the predicted climate change would affect the water level in the lake, situated in the surroundings of the quarry.
The diversion is done in order to complete the groundwater drain project which is aimed at reducing the increasing groundwater level in the area, it said.
The city is looking to eliminate about 150 of those drywells because they are too close to the groundwater level - the point in the ground where the earth is saturated with water.
However, it is anticipated that the process of development will continue, resulting in greater demands for fresh water and declining groundwater level.
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