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the speed of an aircraft relative to the ground

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Put another way, because of its higher gross weight, the airplane's stall speed in a 30-degree banked turn was about 48 KCAS, which was near the airplane's recorded groundspeed of 52 knots.
60 knots groundspeed at three degrees [insert trigonometry here] = 318 fpm
While I did not ever need the AHRS-provided backup attitude, altitude and groundspeed information to help out after a vacuum pump failure, it was nice to know it was just a button-push away.
And, in case you were wondering, they all say Groundspeed on the speedometer of Ford's flying machine.
With the wind on the nose at 15 knots and gusting to 27, and groundspeed barely over (no wind) translational lift, the flow over the wing--the sum of wind and ground speed--could be near 50 knots.
Add in a 30-knot headwind and you're down around highway velocities for groundspeed.
Then the math of groundspeed versus sink rate for descent angle .
Our GPS had not worked for the entire flight, which limited our ability to accurately gauge groundspeed.
Outbound from SEA to WUMOX, you'll be crabbing into the wind, so your groundspeed will slow.
Mentally, we all likely learned from the same old-school system of building paper flight logs that take us from VOR to VOR using headings, wind correction angles and shooting cross-radials to identify checkpoints and compute groundspeed.
At $899, the Stratus 2S has all the bells and whistles on the IS and adds an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) giving backup attitude, altitude and groundspeed on the iPad, dual-band ADS-B traffic, an automatic flight data recorder, WiFi security to allow the pilot to hide the network name and/or add a password and a pressure altitude sensor that also powers ForeFlight's cabin altitude advisor.
I saw 100 knots groundspeed (KGS) passing the 5 board, 80 at the 4 board, and 55 at the 3 board (all below our SOP mandatory "go around" wickets of 100 KCAS at the 4 board, or 80 KCAS at the 3 board).
The departure requires at least a 48C fpm climb at 90 knots groundspeed,