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someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)

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Judging the awards is Welsh rugby international Dan Lydiate, who has played on some of the finest pitches in the world, Len Smith, former head groundskeeper for Glamorgan Cricket Club, and Charlie Morgan, a grassland consultant.
Groundskeepers all over baseball are scrambling to help their ballparks recover from months of snow and freezing temperatures that left fields looking more ready for cross-country skiers than bats and balls.
327) indeed points out that the groundskeeper "is about as unrestrained as a parody can get.
He once worked at a 950-unit, 16-year-old community that had a maintenance staff of one supervisor, an assistant supervisor, three technicians and two groundskeepers.
John felt himself shoved further and further toward the back, where he was standing when the groundskeeper eased his way through the crowd toward Davey.
According to the restraining order that was granted at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Bates has to stay 100 yards away from the 58-year-old actor, his family and the groundskeeper.
The Bossard family has been tailoring major league fields for nearly 90 years, when grandfather Emil worked as the Cleveland Indians' groundskeeper at League Park.
The groundskeeper Domingo said that the house "wanted" those colors.
George Toma, the official groundskeeper for every Super Bowl, has been named spokesperson for TurfAide advanced antimicrobial protection for synthetic turf systems.
The second edition features the addition of 15 new job profiles, including those of cook, groundskeeper, rehabilitation counselor, and library technician.
At least when senior groundskeeper and horticulturist--and now published author--Bill Meyer is around.
Kenilworth Media publishes eight other magazines in both the consumer and trade areas, including 'Jewelry Business,' 'Pets Magazine,' 'Pet Biz,' 'Modern Materials,' 'The Construction Specifier,' 'Government Purchasing Guide,' 'Government Security Guide' and 'Canadian Groundskeeper.
By this point, I had spent long hours in fruitless pursuit of him, my humiliation capped by the realization that my life now mirrored that of a character in a favorite movie I'd watched dozens of times as a smartass teenager: I had become Carl Spackler, the muttering groundskeeper of Caddyshack, played by Bill Murray, who ultimately turns to plastic explosives in an apocalyptic struggle to save his fairways
When Hal Ashby directed the adaptation for United Artists in 1979, Peter Sellers earned an Oscar nom for his portrayalof Chance, a slow-witted groundskeeper mistakenly seen by the world as a sage policy adviser.