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[21.] Onwudikle OC and A Eguakun Effect of heat treatment on the composition, trypsin inhibitor activity, metabolizable energy level and mineral bioavailability of Bambara groundnut meal with poultry.
Animal feeds are produced components are mixed with other basic materials including meat meal, fish meal, maize bran,, meal rice bran, soybean meal, groundnut meal, etc.
Using groundnut meal in animal feeds can reduce the overdependence on soybean meal and therefore save the scarce foreign exchange spent in importing soybean meal.
Components of basic materials of animal feed and contribution to animal feed production, 1999 Types of component/ Component structure Component basic materials (%) contribution ( '000 tons) Calori (carbohydrate) : - Corn 51.4 1,784 - Rice bran 15.0 521 - Wheat Pollard 10.0 347 Animal protein: - Fish meal 5.0 174 - Blood meal - Meat meal - Bone meal - Feather meal Vegetable protein: - Soybean meal 18.0 625 - Groundnut meal - Sesame meal Premix: - Antibiotic/vitamin 0.6 21 Total 100.0 3,471
India and Argentina were also main suppliers of groundnut meal respectively supplying 1,536 tons and 4,450 tons.