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Vouchers were used to redeem the seeds of staple crops like millet, sorghum and cowpea as well as high-value cash crops like groundnut. To enhance household nutrition, FAO developed specific vegetable kits including okra and amaranth seed for all farmers.
Dominant summer crops include sorghum, millet and groundnut (Beg et al., 1985; Ahmad, 1990).
However, the maximum harvest index (HI) was recorded under Sole Groundnut (T6) treatment followed by Pearlmillet + Groundnut (1:1) (T11), Pearlmillet + Groundnut (1:2) (T16) and Sole Clusterbean (T3) respectively.
Groundnut small Groundnut bold Thursday's open Previous end Thursday's open Previous end Market delivery 0,740-0,820 0,682-0,810 0,670-0,810 0,642-0,790 (auction price) Market delivery 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 (traders price) Plant delivery 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 0,000-0,000 Auction prices of other oilseeds, in rupees per 20 kilograms, and deliveries on 100-kg bags at Rajkot:
Two greenhouse experiments were undertaken to investigate the efficacy of groundnut intercropping, bacterial strains and inorganic fertilizers on parasitism of S.
Key words: ARIMA, Groundnut Production Forecasting, Time Series Models, Autocorrelation Function, Partial Autocorrelation Function, Production Planning and Control.
The present investigation is carried out to study the beneficial and toxic effect of the varying concentration of applied iron, zinc and cadmium in soil on the elemental and oil contents in groundnut plant (Arachis hypogaea L.) using spectroscopic techniques.
Groundnut is the most important grain legume in Ghana in terms of area under cultivation [1].
during winter season therefore, the majority of population prefers to buy groundnut which was usually available at affordable rates but it was unlikely to happen this year as the local production has descended sharply by around 10,000 tons due to infected groundnut crop, leaving behind a very small quantity of just 15,000 tons to cater to the massive demand of 150,000 tons from every nook and corner of Pakistan.
Mr Wilson, meticulous about his condition, had asked for a chicken tikka masala with "no nuts" but his curry from the Indian Garden, Easingwold, was cooked with a groundnut mix containing peanuts.
<BPaul Wilson, 38, died after eating a takeaway curry which, unknown to him, contained groundnut powder
Today's approval is an additional funding to the second phase of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP-2A) which aims to strengthen the national certified seeds production and marketing system for groundnut. The project will scale-up the generation, dissemination and adoption of improved technologies in the Senegal's priority agricultural commodity areas, bringing the total number of project beneficiaries to 850,000, of which 40% are women.
heat it until it is very hot, then add the 2 tsp of groundnut oil.
The agreement aims at financing a significant part of the 2015-2016 groundnut campaign.
Most people were poor and had only one or two acres each growing dry land crops like jowar, maize, groundnut, cotton, arhar etc.