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without basis or foundation in fact

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First of all, she criticized the then-current position of conservative Church leaders on abortion because it was both contradictory and deceptive; it illogically connected contraception and abortion and groundlessly threatened women about the alleged side effects of abortion pills.
The representative of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations told reporters in New York "it is really a bad habit of the South Korea to groundlessly link whatever events occur in South Korea with the DPRK.
Narcissists make quick decisions, instead of thoroughly considering product attributes, because they tend to be overconfident and take risks as a result of groundlessly overestimating themselves.
72/2011), the government of the time, by means of laws and by-laws, of which were forty-one, with one stroke of the pen, groundlessly, yet molded into the legal form, disowned the pre-war owners of immovable and movable property.
to stifle the DPRK, groundlessly stirring up bad blood toward it, would only harden its will and resolution to defend the sovereignty of the country," the spokesman said.
145) Setting aside situations in which the state groundlessly eliminates access through increased costs, the Fourth Circuit made a rule whereby it would defer to the will of the legislature when the burden to women seeking abortions constituted merely some increased cost.
Viewers will have heard the Prime Minister groundlessly attacking the Welsh NHS week after week, playing his part in the Tory strategy of doing our nation down.
250) Such biased arguments groundlessly strip homeowners of sophistication, savvy, and agency.
tariff was increased groundlessly and its caloric value was reduced.
38) Used here, Reason's bias entails groundlessly imposing conceptual grounding on the nonconceptual, calling for a necessary movement where such movement is impossible, but that can be plausibly construed as a type of free movement.
The suspect's advocate Dr Ra'ed Al Awlaqi argued before the court that his client was groundlessly dragged to the court.
He said: "My client was groundlessly charged with running over the girl and killing her.
Dubai: A lawyer argued that his client was groundlessly charged with killing a jaywalker, whom he blamed with committing suicide when she crossed the road with eyes closed after fighting with her boyfriend.
But that would make non-judgmentalism no more than a cultural prejudice--and no better than a cultural prejudice groundlessly asserting the superiority of the particular culture.
What we will have failed to acknowledge in this case is that we are not only amenable to understanding ourselves potentially as controllable, orderable and replaceable resources, but simultaneously in other ways, as, say, vulnerable, groundlessly grounding, spaceish and time-horizoned attuners.