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fish that live on the sea bottom (particularly the commercially important gadoid fish like cod and haddock, or flatfish like flounder)


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Considering only the value of the resource harvested by at-sea processors glosses over the actual contributions of at-sea processors, according to Chris Woodley, executive director of the Groundfish Forum.
Other catch-share programs have taken pains to dilute fishing power: When the West Coast groundfish industry, long dominated by a giant company called Pacific Seafood Group, transitioned to catch shares in 2010, no boat was allowed to hold more than 2.
Under this FMP, yellowtail flounder are included in a complex of 15 groundfish species managed by time/area closures, gear restrictions, minimum size limits, and output controls involving individual vessel allocations that are based on annual catch entitlements.
It did not tell them that they could use the case as an excuse to cut funding for the special at-sea monitoring program in the groundfish fishery.
Meeting that need means NOAA won't have money for groundfish monitors, Frady said.
The foreign fisheries observers' goals were to determine incidental catch rates of Pacific halibut; estimate catch amount (ensuring catch allowances were not exceeded); collect biological data and species composition information for groundfish catches (Megrey and Wespestad, 1990); and to verify catch statistics in the Japanese fishery for king, Paralithodes camtschaticus, and Tanner, Chionoecetes bairdi, crabs (Barnes et al.
CLF Senior Attorney Greg Cunningham said, "Throughout the planning process, NMFS has rejected the majority of the groundfish habitat protections proposed by its science advisors.
New Hampshire fishermen experienced a 78-percent cut in the groundfish quota allowed in 2013 and were further challenged by low lobster prices and increasing costs of fuel and bait.
Marine zone: Groundfish seasons were set Friday by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission after groundfish quotas were decided earlier by the Pacific Fishery Management Council.
A smaller relative of the cod, pollock has a soft, white meat and is the most important groundfish species in world fisheries, according to the MSC.
Type of fishing was known in 478 deaths; shellfish (226, 47%) was the most common, followed by groundfish (144, 30%) and pelagic fish (97, 20%).
HB Grandi markets its products worldwide -- products made from both groundfish and pelagic fish caught and processed by the company's 700 employees.
Furthermore tuna and pelagic species' fisheries have generally a lower impact than white or groundfish fisheries, because of negligible impact on seabed, higher selectivity, and species resilience.
Huge tracts of delicate coral gardens and soft-coral forests off the coast of Alaska will be permanently protected from fishing gear that targets groundfish and shellfish by scraping the seafloor.