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Synonyms for groundcover

low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow

small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor

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One is Juniper 'Blue Star', with tufts of spiky groundcover foliage in a lovely silvery blue.
Most groundcover perennials -- evergreen or deciduous, woody or herbaceous -- provide dense soil cover, discourage weed growth, prevent soil erosion and provide visual interest.
Therefore, soil management (tillage and groundcover species cultivation) has great effects on a soil's chemical, physical and biological properties and on an orange plant's growth and nutrition patterns.
He assumes there is a groundcover in place, and, therefore, crawlspace dew point is the same as outside dew point.
nature by selecting plants that have a special aptitude as groundcover without becoming 'weeds,' a principle that applies to all parts of the garden.
The project, which Singer is conducting with colleagues from Iowa State University at Ames, has three goals: to determine the relative competitiveness of groundcover species growing with corn; to identify whether a genetic component exists that enhances corn's ability to compete with perennial groundcovers; and to develop management systems that minimize competition between corn and the groundcover while maximizing soil carbon contributions, soil erosion protection, and nutrient cycling.
The best Rosa wichurana type of Groundcover roses are 'Grouse' (single, light pink), 'Partridge' (single, white) and 'Pheasant' (double, medium pink).
Preserve and produce more wildlife habitat with openings, groundcover, and selected den trees.
Any basket plant that is classed as a tender perennial will adapt to be grown as a patio/ container plant and also as a groundcover plant.
QCAN you suggest any groundcover plants to cover bald patches of very shady ground beneath a tree?
1 Using terra-cotta bowls with drainage holes-we chose 6- and 12-inch shallow ones-as guides for circles and metal ruler to trace stripes, cut mud flats of groundcover such as deep green Irish moss and/or golden green Scotch moss with a paring knife.
GroundScape Kids is a safety surface product used on playgrounds, while GroundScape Landscape is a low-maintenance, natural-looking groundcover for commercial and residential landscaping.
to discuss the value of using groundcover mats versus plywood under the heavy equipment to protect the area.
The new, easy-care groundcover rose from Anthony Tesselaar International is the fourth introduction in the popular family of Flower Carpet roses.
However, on slopes, in shady areas, and as a sensible response to many maintenance situations, lawn grasses may not be the groundcover of choice.