ground zero

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the target of a projectile (as a bomb or missile)

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the site of the World Trade Center before it was destroyed

the point of detonation (or above or below) of a nuclear weapon

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The Ground Zero Museum Workshop has steadily been the only 9/11-themed Museum in New York City to 'give back' to other charities pertaining to the FDNY and the 9/11 attacks.
Another study conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control found that almost 40% of residents living near ground zero had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Others break down and are comforted by friends and relatives, Lying next to the Ground Zero platform is St Paul's Chapel, amazingly left untouched by the disaster, which has become both a shrine to the victims and a base for rescue workers.
AFDI executive director Pamela Geller and associate director Robert Spencer, who were identified by Ground Zero mosque organizer Daisy Khan as the leaders of the resistance to the mosque, will speak on the status of the mosque initiative, its political and cultural significance, and the possibilities for continued resistance.
The money the girls raised will help firefighters and other workers at Ground Zero.
Visit Ground Zero, soon-to-open chain of theme restaurants owned by Sly, Bruce, and Arnold.
Several thousand workers are involved in demolition and cleanup work at Ground Zero, work that will continue for as long as a year.
To really convey the impact of the first atomic bomb it should include another display, this one called America Ground Zero.
Archimation used the advanced modeling capabilities of SOFTIMAGE|XSI software to generate multiple 3-D perspectives for the original Ground Zero proposal - which included the Freedom Tower design - and the final presentation visuals of 7 World Trade Center, the first mid-rise building to be reconstructed on the World Trade Center site.
MTA officials reversed an earlier decision not to allow FDI bus ads that pointed out the link between the September 11, 2001 jihad terror attacks and the proposed Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero.
He new tweet says: "Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real.
This is despite the fact that Ground Zero has remained undeveloped for nearly five years.
The real-life outbreak, which science writer Ed Regis chronicles in his fast-paced and absorbing new book, Virus Ground Zero, also inspired apocalyptic warnings.
Sarajevo Ground Zero was produced by Globalvision, a New York-based activist video group, along with SAGA.
The struggle surrounding the Freedom Tower, the first skyscraper to rise at ground zero, is far from over, despite a recently unveiled design born of the collaboration between architects David Childs and Daniel Libeskind, reports FORTUNE Magazine in a story appearing in the January 26 issue of FORTUNE, available on newsstands January 19 and at www.