ground effect

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apparent increase in aerodynamic lift experienced by an aircraft flying close to the ground

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According to the FAA's Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAA-H-8083-25B), "Due to the reduced drag in ground effect, the aircraft may seem capable of takeoff well below the recommended speed.
and Donis, J., "Flow Patterns, Pressures and Forces in the Underside of Idealised Ground Effect Vehicles," Proceedings of the ASME Fluids Engineering Division Symposium on Aerodynamics of Transportation II 7:69-79, Dec.
Research of ground effect influence on take-off of supersonic pilotless aircraft, Aviation Engineerging & Mainienance: 43-44.
The ground effect in multirotors has received much less attention.
Our descent slowed and stopped, and I told the crew I was going to keep it down in ground effect until we had airspeed on the bird.
The high increment of lift-to-drag ratio for the present wing in extreme ground effect recognizes a good efficiency for wing-in-ground (WIG) craft.
Other features include ground effect rejection VLF that eliminates annoying or false signals from wet ground foliage, pavement or mineralized ground; and a compact size for convenient storage.
Downforce generated by the front wing and underbody are enhanced by ground effect. As well as peak downforce, the location of the downforce center-of-pressure is important as it determines the handling balance.
Before the airplane gained sufficient EKIN--e.g., the published best rate of climb speed ([V.sub.Y)--the pilot aggressively pitched nose-up to a relatively high AoA, promptly climbing out of ground effect. Climbing out of ground effect causes increases in induced drag and wing loading, which, in turn, caused a rapid depletion of EKIN.
Windshear almost invariably results in a stall, particularly when it occurs close to ground level where air movement is wildly disrupted by ground effect. The physics of a severe ground windshear is silent, invisible, frightening and almost impossible for a pilot to react positively in time.
More than one Robbie pilot loaded his helo over gross and found that it would fly in ground effect but not out of it--rotor RPM promptly decayed and the subsequent attempt to land resulted in a helicopter that was in pieces.
With the helo pad on uneven terrain, it was clear they'd fly out of ground effect during departure--before they got much help from effective translational lift (ETL).
The hover pit test, as seen above, finds the aircraft anchored to the floor above a metal grate, which separates the aircraft from the ground effect and enables it to simulate free flight.
Flightship Ground Effect Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based aircraft manufacturer, has indicated that it will commence an air passenger service between Malaca and Singapore using a new amphibious aircraft called Flightship FS8 that has been jointly produced by Flightship and an Australian company.
I was easily in the air and into ground effect less than halfway down the runway, at about the 700-foot mark.
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