ground cloth

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a waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture

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Since spider silk is an insubstantial fiber, each thread of the ground cloth uses 96 strands; the heavy pattern threads are composed of 960 strands.
Najjar also reminded that Iran has already dispatched five cargoes consisting of more than 200 tons of food, bread, tents, ground cloth as well as medical and hygiene materials for the Pakistani people.
For the camera gear, I stowed a beach towel ground cloth to keep things sand-free.
After choosing a piece of level ground, I would spread my ground cloth, erect my tent, secure it with stakes, unroll my foam mattress and put down my sleeping bag.
When you go off to the range to practice your ground fighting skills, I suggest you use a ground cloth or old piece of carpet to position yourself.
The trend toward warm colors, particularly gold tones, continued to ground cloth in every design category and price point.
Ray's Bag Company in Naples, NC sells greenhouse film, shade cloth, ground cloth and row cover by the yard.
Be certain to set down a waterproof ground cloth or tarp like Mountain Hardware's Footprint, and remember to check the surrounding area for hibernating bear caves and the like.