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Tottenham-born Adele talked of facing rats in a grotty house after she moved out of her mum's humble South London flat.
Regeneration means knocking something down and recreating something in its place not knocking something down and leaving the space surrounded by grotty hoardings and allowing people to throw their rubbish over like what has happened in Rhyl.
"I feel a bit dizzy and a bit grotty really," said Kinsella, who was not knocked out in the latest incident.
Runaway Sophie has had enough of working in a grotty B&B and calls Rosie, who brings her and Sian home.
Lucas and a very anxious Denise arrive at a grotty flat but what will she find?
It is about time the Midlands gained recognition for its impressive backdrops and shed its grotty, industrial reputation.
A list of chapter titles is the quickest way to suggest the form of the whole: Ugly, Itchy, Mouldy, Noisy, Grotty, Busy, Dirty Gloomy.
Punctuating her narrative with precise descriptions of what our heroes and heroines of the era really smelled like, a plethora of maps and period illustrations, and chapter headings such as "Itchy" and "Grotty," Cockayne makes it clear that our forbears were experts in grossing each other out as often as possible.
I wanted to recover the full use of a term that has become an epithet for the aberrant and unsightly--"grotty," for short--and in the run-up to an election there was no way that this could be done if I took a topical approach.
It is sufficient that the discussion move out of the grotty pages of low-circulation homosexual newspapers or magazines, away from pro-pedophile publications of dubious legality, and acquire the aura of fashionable daring from the mainstream media.
Sometimes TV dumbs down real life on estates but the first episode of this gritty thriller captured the rawness brilliantly, from the grotty pub where Nelly hangs out picking up women to life in hellish high-rises.
Lately, however, I have been cheered by the lovely building workers upgrading local houses, making cheery comments as I pass by with my three-wheel stroller and who cannot do too much to help this old biddy negotiate the grotty pavements.
Erica suggests she heads into town to a grotty pub to get some, but is devastated to discover later she's been duped into buying oregano.
WITHNAIL & I Channel 4, 12.20am Two hard-drinking unemployed actors sharing a grotty flat in late 1960s London think they can escape their miserable existence by decamping to a cottage in the Lake District.
By creating an open, attractive link between the train station and the city centre, instead of grotty, dark subways and concrete grimness, this development will go some way to repairing the damage caused by the Ring Road's construction.