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Izzy heads into town to a grotty pub and scores what she thinks is dope
AS an answer to E Cannings' letter on buildings of the future in Middlesbrough (Beauty Spots Turn Grotty, 04.
A week after council bosses insisted a grotty piece of wasteground was a conservation area, they have cut the grass.
Most car parks are grotty but they are now being built with the motorists in mind and they can be aesthetically pleasing," he said.
Wrapped in hermetic skins of dark brick or metal, the houses face down their grotty surroundings, but the tough exteriors conceal a succession of secret, sensual inner realms.
One character refers to another as a "supply-sider," and indeed, it's tempting to look at Freeman's megaskyscraper, with its grotty, miasmic lower floors, as a deadpan literalization of the notion of trickledown economics.
The boys remember how they had to dodge flying glasses and fists as they tried to make their name by playing grotty venues above pubs - a far cry from the massive summer festivals where the band made their name last year with their anthem Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
After Reg had explained that Cheltenham is so selective that it uses only 25 per cent of the birch delivered, John impishly remarked: iAnd I suppose you then flog all the grotty bits to Exeter
Sometimes TV dumbs down real life on estates but the first episode of this gritty thriller captured the rawness brilliantly, from the grotty pub where Nelly hangs out picking up women to life in hellish high-rises.
They were Dave Muck-kay, John Muddy, Ashley Grimes , Graeme Sewerness, Daniel Slurridge, Drain Rooney, Tony Grotty, Steve McMudmanaman, Robbie Fouler, Dirt Kuyt, Pierre Van Hooj-Gunk.
PUPILS are getting the chance to transform their grotty school tunnel into a work of art.
Grotty Carol's daughter Kimberley yesterday told the High Court in Edinburgh that she returned from a night out to find her bed had been made up differently and a newspaper was lying beside it.
Despite bringing the name of a slightly grotty bit of Newcastle into the living rooms of the nation, Byker Grove was not filmed in the Byker area of the city.
I WAS rather taken by your front page story on Thursday about the plans for a "Flatiron" style development in Liverpool where all we currently have to look at is a grotty old car park.
EVER stayed in a grotty, run-down hotel or bed and breakfast, whose owner made Basil Fawlty seem positively charming?