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The sporting experience is being sanitised to the point of resembling a trip to the cinema and in the mission to remove it of its associated grottiness, the life-force of its character is being threatened, too.
Thankfully, the general feeling of grottiness has now gone but there have been other side-effects which will take more time to shake off.
LONG lie the miles between the much-loved grottiness of urban Liverpool and the clear air of County Cork, but Monty's Pass spanned that gulf on Saturday with a well-nigh clinical National victory that took the mother of all jumps prizes back to the 12-horse yard of Jimmy Mangan.
One of its case studies is Ladypool Road in Balsall Heath, which I believe to be one of the city's liveliest and most enjoyable streets, despite some elements of grottiness.
Pebble-dash outside, bare roughcast and whitewash within, the 1886 mission church that houses Darrell Viner's site-specific installation Eight Times Three, 2000, combines the spare elegance of an early Christian basilica with the utilitarian grottiness of a public lavatory.