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is an eight-part series, dishing the dirt on some of Britain's grottiest houses.
We'd been through so much, from the grottiest little pubs in London to our huge Loch Lomond gig.
They have been taking vacations together for years, though they often get on each other's nerves, and always have to travel on the cheap, sticking to youth hostels or the grottiest inns, forswearing restaurants for brown-bag lunches in city parks and town squares - regarding which habit there are some delicately oblique but pungent observations on the difference between Scottish/British tourists and American tourists (who can afford restaurants, who have access to a more romantic distance of perspective, who can afford to visit the exotically poor):
A BIRMINGHAM canalside has made it into the controversial "Dirty Dozen" list of Britain's grottiest places.
Dinger is both a wonderful creation and, in Joe Caffrey's masterful hands, an example of how mirth can be found in the grottiest corners.
Before I'm splashed across the front page of Scotland's grottiest Sunday paper (you know, the two-faced rag that gave Fernando Ricksen a hard time for watching exactly the sort of X-rated DVDs they advertise for sale on a weekly basis) perhaps I should explain...
ONE is arguably the most beautiful city in Europe, the other quite possibly the grottiest.
"Without exception, the bathroom was the grottiest room in the place," she remembers.
ANOTHER nomination for Rugby's grottiest area has been received as part of a campaign to clean up the borough.
The Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust is hosting an internet poll to find out which street in the city is the grottiest.
Won't be long before we can give anyone a run for their money as the grottiest place in Yorkshire.
The BBC is led by Gary Lineker, proud owner of the grottiest wisp of a beard in telly land, but an old trouper who knows how to handle himself in front of a camera after many years on MOTD.
Even the grittiest, grottiest gloomscape splattered with blood, spit, snot and what-not still seems like what it is - people dressing up and playing pretend.
Of course, maybe it's the almost constant sunshine that makes even the grottiest areas look inviting and the fact that the beach is barely a bus ride anyway.
As with landfill sites and hostels for substance misusers, the location of child sex abusers would form a rallying cause among the chattering classes displacing the issue, as ever, onto our grottiest estates