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ludicrous or incongruous unnaturalness or distortion

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With his wild extremes of timbre, range, and dynamics, Ligeti created an arrestingly apt sound world for the libretto's Ghel-derode-inspired grotesquerie, in which Death's determination to end the world at midnight is thwarted by a "life force" amassing the powers of sex, alcohol, gluttony, and political chicanery.
Shah-Shuja shows how aspects of carnival identified by Bakhtin (parody, grotesquerie, drinking, eating, sexual contact, excess, hysteria) helped to constitute the riot's politically transgressive character.
The white massas became the real butt of the joke and turned some of the attention away from the grotesquerie of blackness that was blackface.
I could be wrong (yeah, as wrong as eating cheesy garlic bread while chopping up lettuce for a salad, but facts are facts.) As the blog Bookslut commented on the content of a similar issue back in 2002, "This is 'voluptuousness' we're talking about here, not 'grotesquerie.' "Remember this is the magazine that put Gisele on the cover as the new 'curvy girl' due to her C-cupped breasts but despite her ultra-thin legs and torso."
This can in many respects inspire us especially today, when in an attempt to rid The Bartered Bride of earlier symbolism of the joyful socialist present, Czech directors have been going to the other extreme and replacing attention to real characterisation with superficial grotesquerie (meanwhile abroad the production is being updated with various better or worse results).
Klan robes, burning crosses and tabloid grotesquerie are the show's visual currency, as audiences in Des Moines, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C., are scheduled to discover in the coming season.
His humiliation at the hands of Feste held little discomfort for the audience, who relished every grotesquerie in Bedford's performance.
Even though there might not again be a grotesquerie like The Late Late Show where (to the eternal disgrace of RTE--Radio Telefis Eireann, Ireland's state-financed public broadcaster) "Father" Michael Cleary was allowed to present a collection of gravely disabled people to illustrate his point that if the unborn were not protected by the constitution women would choose not to have disabled babies and the wheelchair users surrounding him in the television studio would have been murdered in the womb.
So it was an act of grotesquerie when the President of the United States followed the bloody footprints of the Vice President up Capitol Hill to seek "clarity" about what the definition of "outrages upon personal dignity" is.
In these essays, O'Connor elucidated her views on writing, including the necessity of mystery and grotesquerie to awaken and often shock her audience to hearing the gospel.
The early modern English imagination teemed with monsters: specimens of grotesquerie characterized by the absence or excess of limbs, heads, bulging protuberances, and irrelevant skin.
planning, the woefully insufficient troop strength, the grotesquerie of
When he's good, he's very good as the glam grotesquerie of Disposable Teens and retro-rock riffery of Lunchbox prove.
With this unexpected gesture of forgiveness, the fact-filled ``Laramie Project'' transcends a mere grotesquerie. And when it was over, the 51 actors massed on stage not only to accept a standing ovation, but also to remind the adoring audience there is hope.