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in a grotesque manner


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One was a map of the Pyncheon territory at the eastward, not engraved, but the handiwork of some skilful old draughtsman, and grotesquely illuminated with pictures of Indians and wild beasts, among which was seen a lion; the natural history of the region being as little known as its geography, which was put down most fantastically awry.
The walls of another room were covered with grotesquely and elaborately figured hand-wrought tapestry.
As the dancers poured out of the hall Frome, drawing back behind the projecting storm-door, watched the segregation of the grotesquely muffled groups, in which a moving lantern ray now and then lit up a face flushed with food and dancing.
He was slender to emaciation, cavernously checked, roll after roll of skin, no longer encasing flesh or muscle, hanging grotesquely down his neck and swathing the Adam's apple so that only occasionally, with queer swallowing motions, did it peep out of the mummy-wrappings of skin and sink back again from view.
the most grotesquely horrible exhibition you can imagine!)--there was Dexter, hopping about, and looking through keyholes, evidently in search of the person who had left her room at two in the morning; and no doubt taking Phoebe for her mistress, seeing that she had forgotten to take her mistress's cloak off her shoulders.
Hopes grotesquely betrayed, ideals caricatured--that is the definition of revolutionary success.
Starbucks, in response to Nadia complaining it was "grotesquely unprofessional", said: "We apologised to the customer directly."
'The adopted Iceland resolution,' Panelo said 'is grotesquely one-sided, outrageously narrow, and maliciously partisan.'
The first is a good, old-fashioned story of corruption, the kind that made Chicago famous: Think Midnight Run, only instead of a good cop letting a kind crook go free rather than fall into the hands of the city's grotesquely unjust justice system, cop and crook and system alike are in it together, pulling strings to sweep some embarrassing misdeeds under the rug.
DOUG Shield (EU 'deal' is a surrender, Journal Letters, 25 February 25) sneakily seeks again to compare the EU to the Third Reich and restoke this grotesquely offensive "it's World War II all over again" line.
A MOTORIST who left a muchloved mum for dead in 'a cowardly and grotesquely selfish act' after crashing into her on Christmas Day then fled the country in panic, a court heard.
The grotesquely unfair council tax introduced in the late 1980s by Margaret Thatcher saw her forced out of Downing Street.
This is a grotesquely unequal contest over territory by a nuclear-armed Israel with warplanes and tanks, against Palestinians with empty hands or stones, knives, kite bombs and limited rockets.
Even the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, joined the chorus of opposition to this pennypinching assault on the poor, calling the minimum 42-day wait "grotesquely ignorant" of the facts about poverty.
Ms Wood's intervention comes against a backdrop of mounting concern about plans to roll out Universal Credit, with the Archbishop of York condemning waiting times for payments of up to six weeks as "grotesquely ignorant".