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a small cave (usually with attractive features)


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Aimie Fallon and Alex Naum, right, and the grot spot on their doorstep
LEEDS: Peacock-Farrell 7, Berardi 6, Pennington 6, Jansson 6, Pearce 6 (Grot 77, 7), O'Kane 6 (Phillips 78, 6), Forshaw 7, Alioski 6, Hernandez 6, Dallas 6, Ekuban 6 (Lasogga 70, 6)
LEEDS UNITED Peacock-Farrell 6, Berardi 7, Pennington 6, Jansson 6, Pearce 7 (Grot 77), O'Kane 6 (Phillips 78), Forshaw 6, Dallas 6, Alioski 6, Hernandez 7, Ekuban 6 (Lasogga 70, 6).
Ashley Govier, Labour councillor for the Grangetown ward, said the Clive Street "grot spot" was well known to him.
We certainly don't want them to get the wrong impression because of a few litter-strewn alleyways, scruffy shop fronts and grubby grot spots.
This grot spot has long been a hot spot for anti-social behaviour with needles and discarded cans often littering that area.
More than 200 environmental issues were reported and logged with the relevant agencies and seven areas were identified as part of the 'grot spot' scheme.
Grot also contains a single almond which, if it ends up in your mouth, means you either: a.
Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane who famously painted over the sign in 2008 is delighted that the "grot spot" will be consigned to the dustbin of history.
yESTERDAy'S SOLUTIONS: APED GLAD EFT CAME R I CA TUN TR I P ABUNDANT STREWN TEA NAIVE UIST ERUD I TE BOOR AYR TERSE WOO TASS VERDANT SNAP SERGE EYE POCHLE ABEYANCE RA I D LEE NOON ELSE PAL GROT ELAN WEETHINKER: Across: 1 Spit; 4 diner; 7 Knave; 8 delve; 9 Scrap; 10 Long player; 14 Nutmeg; 16 athens; 17 dry martini; 22 Truth; 23 Cocoa; 25 ounce; 26 Tibet; 27 once.
The derelict site in Meadow Road had been earmarked for disposal, but will be converted by Sandwell Council's Parks and Countryside Management Services with the aid of 'Grot Spot' funding.
Also, in those days the serfs had to compete for tenancies on royal lands controlled by the NDT, the most feared of whom was the villainous Baron von Grot. Feudal lords, it seems, could grant or withhold tenancies at whim, and none was more whimsical than the baron.
GROT spots in Warwickshire are to be blitzed as part of a month-long project to keep Britain tidy.
German chemist Grot helped develop the first commercial product made from perfluorinated ionomer.
Who on TV worked for Sunshine Desserts before forming the Grot empire?