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a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds

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The coefficient of FIRE-EXPLOS is positive and significant, suggesting that fire/explosion accidents result in greater passenger-vessel damage per gross ton than other types of accidents - supporting the concern expressed by the NTSB [12] that greater passenger-vessel damage is expected in fire/explosion accidents.
We will maintain our position as the world's busiest port in terms of shipping tonnage, ahead of Rotterdam and Hong Kong,'' Yeo said, as he announced that the gross tonnage of ships visiting the city-state so far this year surpassed 1 billion gross tons Tuesday -- a first-ever feat for Singapore as a port.
It was enormous: 280 feet long and 2,600 gross tons, four times the size of a large trawler.
Although there was gale warning issued at that time, the cargo vessel was cleared by the Philippine Coast Guard to sail to Tacloban City since it was over 250 gross tons.
The 28,631 gross tons liner was built as Royal Viking Star for the now defunct five starrated Royal Viking Line's longdistance ocean cruising.
The Regulation will effectively apply to vessels of 500 gross tons and above certificated under the SOLAS Convention.
This will be 175 years to the day that Samuel Cunard sailed on his inaugural voyage from Liverpool, on July 4, 1840, aboard RMS Britannia - 1,154 gross tons - to Boston.
The captain of the 4,996 gross tons of cargo ship asked for support, and the Ship Traffic Services sent a tugboat to the area.
Sorlandet, measuring 210 feet and 577 gross tons, is the oldest operative full-rigged ship in the world and was launched in 1927 at a shipyard in Kristiansand.
Total shipping tonnage handled by the island state hit a record high of 971 million gross tons last year, topping the previous record of 960 million tons in 2001, the regulatory authority said in a statement.
05 million gross tons, equivalent to two to three years' work for shipbuilders.
The Coast Guard's report focused on the 182 foreign-flag passenger vessels of 1,600 gross tons or more that have taken on or discharged passengers at United States ports between 1985 and 1994.
9% higher during the fourth calendar quarter of 2006 as compared to the fourth quarter of 2005, the total shipments credited to the Trust in the fourth quarter of 2006 decreased from 1,298,179 gross tons in the fourth quarter of 2005 to 764,807 gross tons in the fourth quarter of 2006, a decrease of 41%.
Vessels which are 250 gross tons and below are not allowed to sail.
The all-suite ship would be around 41,700 gross tons, 210 metres long and 28 metres wide and would be able to reach a cruising speed of 18.