gross revenue

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income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time

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Gross revenues of industries nationwide increased 8.1 percent in the first quarter of 2019, according to the latest Quarterly Economic Indices (QEI) data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
Last month, New Jersey's online casino and poker industry generated $36.6 million in gross revenue, up 59 percent from $23.02 million gained in April 2018, and behind only the record-making $39.1 million raised in March.
CIAC president Jaime Alberto Melo said its gross revenue reached P1.07 billion last year, its first time to breach the one billion mark since the agency's creation in 1995.
"Gross revenue (GR) and adjusted gross revenue (AGR) of the telecom service sector for the quarter ended June 2018 has been Rs 58,401 crore and Rs 36,552 crore, respectively," Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had said in its Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator report released in October.
Alaska Employees: 184 Worldwide Employees: 929 Shareholders: 3,865 Land Holdings: 1.577 (*) 2017 Gross Revenue: $211,837,206 2016 Gross Revenue: $171,655,823 Revenue Sources: Government services, 45.6%; petroleum refining and marketing, 24.7%; energy support services, 16.2%; industrial services, 7.3%; construction, 4.6%; resource development, 1.7%; other, 1.6%.
'What is clear is that the hope of the people of Sarawak is for the PH government to fulfill the promises of the PH manifesto to give 20 per cent royalty based on gross revenue,' he said.
"We think it's going to be a pretty good year, with the 2018 net revenue growth rate likely to come in around 5%, or around double GDP, and gross revenue coming in closer to 10%.
Gross revenue is computed by combining net sales and non-operating income.The manufacturing sector's gross revenue grew 10.3 percent in 2016 to P3.65 trillion, ranking first out of 18 sectors in theTop 1000list.
Manish Pandey - Rs 2,970,112 - Share of gross revenue 2015-16 Tournament played in and outside India
* Domestic transportation management (DTM) gross revenue at $49.2 billion was up 8.4% year-over-year, and net revenue at $7.1 billion was up 11.3% year-over-year;
The South Dumfries Community Centre was the second highest money-maker with gross revenue of $246,539.
Have you ever hit the ceiling of complexity where you are not able to increase your gross revenue or your bottom line?
Three regression models are run to determine if promotional allowances increase gross revenue, net revenue, and gross operating profit for Atlantic City casinos.
NEW DELHI -- Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have moved the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal ( TDSAT) against the DoT's decision to increase the licence fee from Re 1 per annum to 6% of their annual adjusted gross revenue. In its order, the petition alleged, the authority not only increased the licence fee but also changed the definition of adjusted gross revenue.
The gross revenue for the second quarter in 2011 was $2.5 million in comparison to $1.9 million for the same period in 2010.