gross profit

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(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold

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If prepared under Accounting Standard for Business Enterprises of PRC, the gross profit grew 26.1 % year over year to RMB1,056 million.
According to CEO Matt Lurie, the first quarter results show growth in sales and gross profits. While it is focused on continuing to grow the company, itis carefully reviewing expenses to ensure it can improve bottom line profitability.
On the used car front, things remain "buoyant", Lookers said, with used car revenue up 8% and gross profit rising 2%.
By implementing its core business strategies and catching up to industry demand, the Group has gained satisfactory business performance during the Period, with its revenue and gross profit achieved a 31.5% and a 32.6% growth, reaching HK$45.9 million and HK$8.8 million respectively.
* Asphalt, Concrete and Calcium segment gross profit was $39 million, collectively.
The average gross profit was $66,650, down from $70,000.
'The decrease in gross profit margins reflects among others, the continuing impact of the weaker peso as well as efforts to reduce inventory levels during the period,' SSI Group said.
(8) Results of a 2013 study indicate that gross profit is the most persistent indicator of earnings quality on a quarterly basis, and earnings quality decreases as one goes down the income statement since more transitory items are likely to appear below the gross profit line.
ROCE and ROE are expected to improve in 2018, and the immediate reason would likely be that inorganic business is improving the gross profit and net income margins.
The firm posted an increase in gross profit margin of 21.5 percent from GAAP gross profit margin of 20 percent and adjusted gross profit margin of 21.1 percent last year, due to manufacturing efficiency improvements and favourable sales mix, including a higher proportion of commercial sales and higher margins on new products.
The Company also reported consolidated gross profit of USD 3,344,000, or 28% of revenue, for the quarter ended June 30, 2017, compared to USD 3,339,000, or 43.9% of revenue, for the same period in 2016.
The firm posted gross profit margin of 22.6 percent that increased from GAAP gross profit margin of 21.1 percent and adjusted gross profit margin of 21.2 percent in the third fiscal quarter of 2017.
Optical Cable Corporation (Nasdaq GM: OCC) has achieved increases in net sales, gross profit and net income when compared to both third quarter of fiscal year 2016 and fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015, the company said.
Calculate Gross Profit: Gross Profit (GP) is the difference between Portion Cost (PC) and Sales Price (SP).