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the study of the structure of the body and its parts without the use of a microscope

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Conclusion: Majority of the students with higher reflective score identified learning strategy preference for gross anatomy models.
Comparison of the traditional chalk and board lecture system versus power point presentation as a teaching technique for teaching gross anatomy to the first professional medical students.
In conclusion, gross anatomy of different organs of Japanese quails differs significantly with increasing age.
In addition, undergraduate modules such as Gross Anatomy and Kinesiology must develop generic skills that appeal to potential employers, a term Dearing (1997) describes as `graduateness'.
An opportunity to address the laboratory teaching dilemma arose when the department moved to a newly constructed building adjacent to the department of physical therapy, which is equipped with a gross anatomy laboratory.
More than 40 interactive case studies provide physicians with patient vignettes consisting of a brief clinical history, pathologic and radiologic images, and pictures of gross anatomy. The user is asked to diagnose the patient, and treatment options are discussed.
"provide students with a greater appreciation of the relationship of histology and gross anatomy."
Excruciating effect of formaldehyde exposure to students in gross anatomy dissection laboratory.
Gross anatomy, being an already explored and well documented area of research, has compelled many scientists to believe that there is no opportunity of further and distinct research in gross anatomy1.
Among the topics are a practical guide to shoulder magnetic resonance imaging, glenohumeral joint and capsular gross anatomy, shoulder impingement syndrome, glenohumeral joint instability, and shoulder-related pathology including paralabral cysts and biceps tendon.
Objective: To observe students' perception of gross anatomy dissection.
This color illustrated reference for students of gross anatomy offers material in self-contained two-page spreads, illustrated with a total of 2,400 color anatomical illustrations and diagnostic images with call-out labels and captions noting clinical correlations.
He excelled at that institute, earning various honors including the prestigious Tinsley-Harrison Scholarship and Gross Anatomy Instructor honor awarded to a student for academic performance, leadership and teaching ability.
This fifth edition of a well-known text and atlas of gross anatomy maintains the combination of concise yet comprehensive text with high-quality, color dissection photos accompanied by clearly labeled line drawings for each photo.