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100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria

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Their dimensions - 26.9 and 24.1 mm - matched the sizes of the Prague groschen (Fig.
1) and the corrosion layers obtained during the conservation of four randomly selected groschen. Mechanic cleaning with the use of abrasive tools provided small samples of corrosion, which were homogenized (sample No.
In addition to copper, the sample taken from the groschen corrosion layer displayed strong signals of silver and less intense signals of iron, titanium and silicone.
The calculated capacity of the vessels was much greater than the total volume of the groschen placed on one another, so that they would form a cylinder.
The archaeometric studies of the vessels found in the hoard confirm the chronology of the Prague groschen determined by the numismatic analysis, as well as the chronology of the ceramic containers obtained through the observation if their technological and stylistic features.
Groschen's (1985) estimations of the effective recharge required to maintain the predevelopment hydraulic gradients in the Evangeline are 0.23 percent (0.06 in.
-- The specific objectives of this study were to: (1) simulate the potentiometric surfaces computed by Groschen (1985); (2) determine the effects of groundwater withdrawals from uranium mining operations on the potentiometric surface of the Evangeline aquifer; (3) test several boundary conditions used by Groschen (1985) in a 38-row by 38-column grid model and determine the appropriate use of the boundary conditions; and (4) determine if there may be any significant dewatering of the Evangeline Aquifer due to in situ leach mining operations at the Kingsville Dome plant (currently in restoration phase).
Calibration of the fluid flow model in this study utilizes Groschen's (1985) data for steady-state and transient-state flow simulations for the years 1901 through 1982.
Design of the aquifer model was similar to Groschen's (1985) U.S.G.S.
-- The fluid flow for the Evangeline Aquifer in the study area was modeled to examine the following: (1) the transient-state effects on the potentiometric surface for the years 1983-2020; (2) the effects that potential pumping from uranium mining operations at the Kingsville Dome would have on the groundwater resources in the future; and (3) the results of a sensitivity analysis on Groschen's (1985), no-flow boundary conditions on the east and south sides of the modeled area.
Kleist states that posting in France costs eight groschen per Meile.
However, Kleist arrives at his total of 300 thalers for posting by supposing that they could cut expenses by hiring farm horses at six groschen per Meile offer part of the route in France that amounted to one quarter of the whole distance.
In northern Germany the regulation 'tip' was three or four groschen per Meile, about fifteen per cent of the cost of three horses, but those who offered this minimum could expect very poor service.
Using Kleist's own figures of ten groschen per Meile, offer the one half of his supposed route of 120 Meilen, we see that he should be adding another fifty thalers to his estimate.
This may perhaps be tested by a rough calculation for posting from Berlin to Paris using the guidebook data: return distance 300 Meilen; eight groschen per horse per Meile in France, and (supposing that the increases in Prussia, Brunswick, Hanover and Hessen were operative) eleven groschen (the average of ten and twelve) in Germany west of the Rhine and north of the Main.