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flesh of a saltwater fish similar to sea bass

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Groper's appliance was chosen as it not only maintains the space but also esthetics.
He said: "The idea that we have shared values with a racist, misogynistic, selfconfessed groper beggars belief.
The cartoon depicts Aylan's body alongside a caption suggesting he would have become a "groper in Germany".
Groper, 2014, a meteorite fragment carved in the shape of an index finger, was subtly lodged in a gallery wall, while in East Kootenay Shoe, 2014, a moss-covered found sneaker rests atop a marble plinth.
The wife said the man did not care when her husband told him to remove his hand.She said the alleged groper screamed as her husband stepped closer and tried to take the man's hands off his wife.
Jill stopped dancing and told Shelly what had just happened, and the two girls tried to look for Sandra but found their mission hampered by every groper and womaniser in the club.
The recommendation was to try Calcutta Mustard Fish Tikka u local hamour (groper) fish liberally flavoured with that tangy kick only mustard can deliver.
Writing late last year in one of her three-times-a-week columns in the Chicago Tribune, Schmich told how she put her mark on the strip by addressing substantive issues in the media, moving beyond Starr's love interests, but still having fun with characters like sexist journalism professor Harry Groper, celebrity commentator Vanity Puffington, and Rat Sludge, a thinly veiled caricature of Matt Drudge.
When a groper comes looking for dinner, Leo hides and surprises his family by reappearing out of the coral where he's been hiding.
Cheryl Kuzmanich, Hyder Group; Bruce Weiser, Spire Creative Group; Jeffrey Roseman, Gregg Groper, T.J.
But the judge said, ''The victim gave a specific description of her position in relation to the groper, and this and other information was corroborated by witnesses who observed the situation from close range.''
TASHA is delighted when she wins the local beauty pageant and takes the unflattering title of Miss Groper. That must mean something different in Australia.
A 15-STONE drunken groper twice pinched a woman's bottom in a North Wales pub before lifting her skirt, a court heard yesterday.