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the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm


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All rolls are enhanced tracking rolls (ETR) to prevent pipe 'walk-off' and make grooving short pipe lengths easier.
Grooving provides knuckles of high pressure, thought to aid in the transfer of water from the sheet to the felt under the action of the pressure in the nip.
The simplest mechanism for ensuring a high friction between the polymer and the barrel surface is grooving its surface in the axial direction.
New evidence of grooving in the teeth of human ancestors, reported in the August-October CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, supports the cultural explanation.
Grooving and slitting ops are facilitated by a new family of tools launched by Sandvik Coromant (
They are used in many areas of machine programming, but today we'll look at using the canned cycle code G75 for rough grooving. Canned cycles are easy to use and they can be helpful in reducing the stress found with conventional grooving.
is introducing its new parting and grooving system, ValGroove[TM], that provides more options, features, and benefits than other systems available.
For the mills, the cooling surface has been taken as that of one roll and for the transfer-mix as that defined by the radii of the smoothed surfaces on the internal and the external component, without taking into account the additional surface formed by grooving.
As only 60 pieces were needed, the toolmakers first attempted to complete the parts with tools on hand, including both grooving and conventional turning inserts ...