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Synonyms for groove

Synonyms for groove

a habitual, laborious, often tiresome course of action

groove on: to like or enjoy enthusiastically, often excessively

Synonyms for groove

a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e

a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape


(anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part

make a groove in, or provide with a groove

Related Words

hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove

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But Rico-Guevara's high-speed videos show that hummingbirds in the wild rarely dip open grooves into nectar.
24 bearing ball deep groove with shields on both sides and c3 clearance :- skf 6313-2z-c3 or fag 6313-2z-c3
If we can have National Tequila Day and Baklava Day, we certainly have room for a National Day that serves up a true helping of Americana" says Jason Fordley, owner of the Tenderloin District's Soul Groove.
3) It's a groove thing for jazz guitarist John Scofield, who blends with organ, bass and drums on ``A Go Go.
As consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using their mobile phones as their music players of choice, Groove Mobile has evolved its scope of services to include both carrier-driven and off-portal, direct-to-consumer music services.
AIM's partnership with Groove Mobile is one of the innovative ways that independent record labels are leveraging the recent advances in mobile music.
However we place in the X-Games, the impact that Groove will have on the pros and the media will be invaluable.
With today's announcement, Groove Mobile and Universal Music U.
With pre-installed Java handsets from Motorola, Sanyo and Samsung, Groove Mobile is meeting the consumer's demand for even faster music downloads," stated Bathsheba Malsheen, Chairman, CEO and President of Groove Mobile.
Consequently, the binding part of the drug may need a stronger affinity for the proteins groove than water has.
For films, metallized, printed and coated materials, the roller's hard surface can produce marks on the substrate as it passes over the grooves.
Groove Mobile, the world's leading mobile music commerce platform has joined forces with 24-7 MusicShop, Europe's leading B2B digital distribution provider to offer the most complete dual delivery music download solution in the market.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- TeamDirection, creator of the project management and dashboard tools for Groove Virtual Office Project Edition, today announced support for Microsoft Office Groove 2007, as well as continued support for TeamDirection Project and Dashboard for Groove Virtual Office version 3.
Groove Theory already has scored a hit with "Tell Me," a slow ballad from this promising debut (Epic).
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Groove Mobile, the world's leading mobile music download service, today announced a worldwide licensing deal with the global distributor and marketer of independent music labels, The Orchard.