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a male attendant of the bridegroom at a wedding

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It was decided by everyone that the groomsman Ruan should pay the newlywed couple 20,000 yuan, to which he replied that he wasn't the one who had done something wrong and that he didn't have any money.
The groomsman was staying at the couple's countryside home after the wedding ceremony on 30 August.
Koka Fast, trained by Malzard, reopposes on 2lb better terms and has enjoyed a very successful season both on the Flat and over hurdles, one that has taken him to the threshold of supplanting Groomsman as Channel Islands champion.
Thankfully, Anita is on the groom's side and allowed to wear a tux as a 'groomsman.' The Anita we know has been forced into many a bridesmaid dress--but the orange creations for this wedding are horrid in every way.
Both the husband and the young groomsman are found covered in blood, but neither is charged with the murder, though the community suspects both or one of covering for the other.
Many thanks for finding our lost friend who was groomsman at our wedding, ( Evening Chronicle, Wednesday).
The US State Department dispatched Under-Secretary of State Marc Groomsman to Moscow and Paris yesterday to help sell the US plan for a resolution that would lay out a tighter timetable for Iraqi compliance with weapons inspections and authorise force if Saddam Hussein failed to do so.
In the ensuing panic he had forgotten he was being followed by his parents in a car being driven by another groomsman.
Alan Edward Rowzee, groomsman and brother of the bride, was serving with the USAF in Qatar during the celebration.
The best man was Geoff Walsh and the groomsman was Dan Cheesbrough.
GROOMSMAN: Garrie Meadows, 33, from Middlesbrough, and Stephen Owens, 31, from Middlesbrough.
Lucas stole the show 12 days ago with Tevere, Top Pursuit and Groomsman, and her 'Three Musketeers' return in the first three races on the card, each with a fine chance of following up.
The popstar pin-up looked ready to walk down the aisle as he played groomsman for his brother Liam who married long-time girlfriend Patricia Taheny at picturesque Ballintubber Abbey in Co.
is continuing its advertising campaign with Richard Karn, who plays Al on ABC-TV's Home Improvement, with a series of three 30-second ads for the Wahl Groomsman Beard & Mustache Trimmer, Wahl Home Haircutting Kits and the Wahl FootCare Foot Treatment System.
The groomsman was Andy Green, the bridegroom's brother, and the ushers were Chris Jaworski, the bride's brother and Matt Jaworski, the bride's cousin.