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Synonyms for groom

Synonyms for groom

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for groom

a man participant in his own marriage ceremony

someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses

a man who has recently been married


Related Words

educate for a future role or function

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Because the minute he waits for his bride by the altar, the groom begins to fulfill his covenant to love her for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, till they are old and gray, till forever.
Summary: Chhota Udepur (Gujarat) [India], May 26 (ANI): The tribal here have a unique marriage tradition where grooms sister marries bride on behalf of her brother and also leads the wedding procession to her doors.
Also, nominations are now open for the 2018 Haddon Training British Grooms Awards.
Tweep @k1312reddy posted: "This is the best way to punish the greedy grooms who have no morale and in fact, they need severe punishment...Blacken his face and ride him on a donkey!"
The production of Bamboo Grooms' grooming tools has a very small environmental impact and leaves barely a trace behind.
Cats Protection vet Sarah Elliot recommends allowing your cat to get used to brushes and combs slowly with 30-second grooms.
As a company, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming professionally grooms more than 3,000 canine customers each week.
Grooms are available for direct purchase at janitorial supply stores or through carpet manufacturers for under $25, Jasper says.
STUD grooms will be recognised for the first time at this year's Irish Stable Staff Awards, officials revealed yesterday when launching this year's competition.
Grooms was a machinist, a US Army World War II veteran and member of The Bible Way Baptist Church in Auburn.
When American multimedia artist Charles "Red" Grooms (b.
The British Horse Society is to launch a Grooms' Register for people who have attained any one of a range of BHS groom and stable management qualifications.
The chimp encounters proceed as follows: One animal makes an exaggerated scratching movement on part of his body, such as his forehead, in front of a comrade, who then grooms the indicated spot.
Henson and Duffy Grooms picturebook TEN LITTLE ELVI.