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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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+ Four 1 1/2"-inner diameter metal screw-together grommets
Grommet tubes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.
Mandala, 1970 Acrylic on canvas with metal grommets and cotton rope 93" by 89"
Grommet-style debris lifting tarps use grommets that can withstand a lot of use.
"A lot of digital-first companies are finding success with catalogs." In addition, there's a new brand campaign of social media and display ads promoting the intriguing process of discovering grommets.
Children with grommets in their ears are perfectly safe to fly and generally, so long as there is no diving, can go swimming after a couple of weeks without taking any precautions.
Caption: Pedestal grommet; Ball Buster brackets; enlarged Eco-Fins.
When inserting large grommets in a project that has fabric with fusible fleece and a lining, mark the hole cutting line, then baste along the line before cutting out the hole.
The question remains: how much of the bypass airflow originates from openings sealed with grommets? The assumptions in this case resulted in approximately 80,000 cfm (37,756 L/s) of air leakage in the 1 MW data center.
The device is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl and also includes grommets that enable it to be secured in position.
The bright exuberant colours of the seaside, captured in mixed media and acrylic overlays, the cheerful grommets, the subtle message implicit in the reassuring body language of the grannies and the helpful 'Granny Grommet's Beach Tips' at the end all contribute to a delightful book to share with a grandchild, especially one who is timid about venturing into the sea.
We do a variety of maintenance work and often need different size grommets. Is there an NSN Chat brings a whole assortment of grommets?
Possible applications for the Xiameter RBL-9200 LSR series include electrical insulation, keypads, grommets, gaskets and seals.
NATIONAL charity Deafness Research UK has sounded a warning over plans to drastically reduce the numbers of children receiving grommets for glue ear - a condition that can lead to deafness.
Those ubiquitous plastic tarps with the metal grommets. But it seems like the tarps are always too big or too small.